So Yas Forums....Left or Right?

So Yas Forums....Left or Right?

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right due to hair and skin tone

Right. No contest.

Left isn't even flat.
Right will be saggy in a few years.


left, because she probably does anal.

more like the perfect fucking handful


Loli neet mangaka best girl

I unironically want Lemon to win the mangakabowl
Gyaru sister is fine too

whoever has blonde hair


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Lemon is swiping her phone.
Lemon is swiping her phone.
Lemon is pinching her phone.

Best girl, more translations when?

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Kino moment.

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The little sister.
No, the other one.

The Inverted nipples one?

Frilly bikinis are always a good sign

Left but only if very flat and nude
Right but only if huge and barely covered up.

Yeah, she's great.
Her and the nudist Loli.

Mfw it takes the cleaner 18 years to clean a page
I just want my screwball romantic comedy featuring two sisters

Right is just the right amount of tiddy to put up with but left is perfection incarnate if only she wasn't a gyaru


I want to tap her phone.

I would a Yuumi...
Aren't we like 30 or so chapters behind?

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I feel like Yuumi needs to hang out with the trap.


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This is a toss up for me, I’m an ass man