Most philosophical anime?

Most philosophical anime?

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It's one of the only anime that does a good job at incorporating existentialism, most of the others fuck it up horribly.

Tokyo ghoul

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yea probably tokyo ghoul

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I know this is gonna propably sound wierd but for me it's the Monogatari series. The way it deconstructs human nature is very impressive.

Also another one that propably gonna sound wierd but made me really think about the meaning of life is Darling in the Franxx. I know it's mainly a love story, but the way it makes you think about true meaning of life is very powerful.

Akagi hands down
Monster's pretty good too

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inb4 huntermumblers come in


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Ergo Proxy laid it on really thick.

I dunno
penguindrum maybe
definitely not berserk



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Casshern Sins

Le Chevalier D'Eon

raisin deter

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Unironically Evangelion. It's a lot more than just Anno's daddy issues. But smerterThanU sperglords want to pretend that Evangelion is just shonen trash.

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What is Lain's philosophy?

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>yuri is deep

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Madoka by a factor of at least 50

isn't it just something that hardcore weebs over analyzed over time?

i'm sure if caillou had the same hardcore following and 20 years of "critics" doing analysis of every episode it'd be seen to be more philosophical then most animation

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