One Piece

And here is the Flying 6 member that nobody’s really
talking about.

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First for LawCHADS

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>flicks cap


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Round 2002 soon

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Thank you Oda for consistency with Buffy.

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is this the only time we see luffy showing any kind of sexual attraction?

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Is it even canon?


He looks like the biggest jobber out of them.

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Yeah, because of his bull Usopp was here

Charlotte cuties soon!

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Yeah. Oda tries to explain this one rare inconsistency with Luffy; but back then there was no thought put into this.

more evidence for that than her being straight t b h

Dude if you ask how would the characters fight logia without haki, you are retarded. That issue is for Oda to figure out and not by using a gay nigger mode.

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It's gonna be fun trying to figure out the other 2 forms of the remaining 4 Flying Six. Impossible but fun.

just the whole thing with Kaido wanting to ask the Kozukis something, him being a bipolar suicidal alcoholic, and the sudden reveal that he's got a son makes me think that these points related.

>if he has a positive relationship with Kaido
very doubtful imo considering the way Kaido asked if he's gonna show up at the banquet. That wouldn't be a question if the relationship was good between them.

>pic related stephen translation

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Sasaki is Kuina

Sabertooth is one and triceratops.

What kind of card game is sasaki? Is he a traitor like x drake? Both are not name after a card game.

What evidence? Anything that can be debunk as maternal love, etc? There's no evidence of any sexual attraction Nami has because she's only interested in money and tangerines.

why the fuck are they even named after card games I thought the F6 would have card number themes. Who the fuck is 1-9?

I didn't read your post.

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>holding hands with Kiku
>kissing Kiku
>marrying Kiku
>adopting dozens of orphans with Kiku
>raising a family with Kiku
>growing old with Kiku

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Is he the real reason why girls prefer Dressrosa to Wano?

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The Numbers?

There's also this, unlike Chopper (question mark) Luffy clearly understands what's going on.

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in the manga we don't see luffy with a nosebleed, we just see him peeking over the wall then ducking behind it with the rest. he probably is just copying the others

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Those jobbers? What the fuck....

It still depends on whether Kaido or his son likes one another and there's some other problem between them or if they are actively hostile with one another.

The most obvious outcome would be that they're hostile with each other, but it's not a foregone conclusion yet.

he's just surprised is all

He got a nosebleed, which seem so fucking surreal now.

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Honestly fuck oda, guy has major autism. Kishi had Naruto be a dirty perv.

The blood splatter on Luffy's space is placed where he was. And follows after with the drop coming from his nose.

Let it be said; Nami's Admiral-tier body can bring the future Pirate King down. Heck, just by her punches alone.

Well, the manga would have ended at Amazon Lilly if Oda didn't retcon that

Lao G really was one of the highlights of Dressrosa. One of Oda's funniest characters.

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I really wish this guy got the Mera Mera no mi. The story would of been way more interesting like that outside of “meh, substitute brother”

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