Was Nel a Vasto Lorde? How many of the Espada were confirmed Vasto Lordes? I know Ulquiorra was one

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iirc kubo mentioned most of the espada were VL. so that means at least 6 of them

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>former number 3

Yes. Yes she was. As was Starrk, Barragan, and Ulquiorra at the least

Was Ulquiorra really a vasto lorde? Supposedly he just spawned one day in Hueco Mundo, which would make him an absurdly powerful "normal" hollow who'd never eaten a single soul and thus never went through the menos stages.

Yep, she was

Starrk is more powerful because he became an arrancar naturally without the hogyoku

To begin with, what even is a vasto lorde? What's the difference between one and a powerful, small adjuchas?

And so did Ulquiorra. He became one when he broke his mask by embracing the quartz trees.
Almost makes me wonder if Starrk secretly had his own segunda etapa too.

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Where rhis from?

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if i remember right, the vasto lord is the apex hollow stage, where they are condensed into humanoid scale and have tremendous power

We never learned which ones were Vasto Lordes, and Kubo completely forgot what that was, anyway.

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5 of them

4 Adjucas
1 Gillian
5 VL

Side story Kubo drew

Reiatsu density

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Ulquiorra origin chapter published in a databook, IIRC.

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Bros.... when Nel transform into an adult for the first time, where the hell did her sword appear from?

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You're not allowed to white knight Kubo.

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Didn't her two fraccions have it?
Although as arrancar they can probably summon their zanpakuto at will. It's an actual part of their body, and in Barragan's case he switched his between chair and axe at will.

Tiki headhad his inside his mouth, beetle head under his loincloth

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