draw punpun in paint and post the result
also discuss the manga i guess

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bump for punpun

Drew on phone

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I dont get it

pretty cringe, I know

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I drew Punpun in paint, but I cheated with the background.

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Go back to work Asano

finally. a good fucking thread

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I need a reference OP...

Never read the manga, sorry.

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I tried

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Punpun's uncle arc was the best arc of that manga.

I mean, every other part of the story was still great in its own way (especially when punpun left himself to die on the rooftop) but nothing hits harder than what his uncle went through.

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Literally asano

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i liked the part where he was sad

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pun puns mom

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I think he should be taller.

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Are those vertical breasts or is his mom packing heat?

What was the triangle form of punpun? was it him shutting himself off from everyone? it made me think of a cocoon when it spat him out later

why are people drawing this dumb bird instead of punpun

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Yeah, was him becoming super isolated. There's references throughout the series about triangular prisms being the strongest of prisms or something so it's him going from being slightly insular and untrusting to fuck the outside world I don't need nobody.

R8 my punpun

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Good thread.

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Oh shit my dude what are you doing?

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