Why did they never continue the hunter x hunter anime? It's been years...

Why did they never continue the hunter x hunter anime? It's been years. There's more source material in the manga going on. Bring it back already. Lazy ass writers/animators/studio.

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despite watching naruto twice i have never watched HxH

It's not worth it


well naruto is better so that's fine.

Make the dark continent arc

There have been about 50 new chapters, so that makes 16-25 episodes.

But nothing interesting happened. It would be 25 episodes of people talking and talking and talking. Who wants to watch that?

Are you kidding me?With the remaining chapters, we'd get a Sopranos-tier ending in the anime if they continued off of what we have. Nah, they need to wait until they get to something that can be a really good ender. I don't think anywhere throughout the unadapted manga chapters could be a good ending.

That's unless they wanna go and divert and do their own path of the series, like that 1st Full Metal Alchemist anime. To be honest, I'm so starved for HxH that I'd take even that. I wouldn't care if it's not from Togashi, just gibs me dat.

If we stuck with Nippon Animation, we would've had OVAs covering up to Hisoka vs Chrollo

whatever happened with that? Hisoka never fought Chrollo or Gon by the end of the anime. The anime was such a shitty ending I swear. Gon spent 2 episodes seeing his dad. The last 2 episodes. That's it.

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>whatever happened with that?

>didn't get the point of the sopranos
fucking brainletxbrainlets. the manga is getting that too btw

that dialouge looks stupid desu. it's just awkward to read


Its a purposely shitty translation specifically for the asspull meme

animate it

what's it supposed to be then?

Rubber nen, i beseech thee

O my lively nen! After I die, subsidize me! Subsidize my heart! Subsidize my lungs!

who killed him?

You know that the meme came from the translation right? And it's not even the translation. That phrasing just became a meme because of the situation it was used in. Your translation and the one used there are functionally identical.

I want to see more Maha. Whatever happened to him?

The beseech translation is way more appropriate. By saying "I beseech thee", he's urgently trying to use his nen to save his life. Meanwhile O MY RUBBER NEN just sounds like a stupid exclamation.

do people actually think this or is this hunterfag bait

Revive me son of a bitch

who killed him?

I'm completely serious. Naruto is better than Hunter x hunter. At least it had an ending and they kept making episodes. 2011 ended with 0 closure and left it wide open but they never continued. How about an actual ending? Dark Continent. It's been long enough. Let's do this.

Chrollo in their duel

"O" is a way in English to communicate invocations. What Hisoka says in Japanese is the equivalent of invoking his nen. Saying "I beseech thee" would work as well but using O is shorter to communicate the same thing. Just because people sometimes use O where "Oh" should be used doesn't mean that the word doesn't fit this context.

I didnt mind that but I can see why people wouldn't like it. But I cant think of a naruto arc thats better than any hxh. Most of the arcs are self contained stories with satisfying endings and overall the show is better animated and is faster paced.

why didn't the anime show this? Whatever happened with Chrollo? Hisoka was on greed island, helped Gon, then disappeared. What the fuck happened with the phantom troupe? Koropika?

Greed island was stupid. I hated that magical card bullshit. The best parts was when they fought not using the magic cards.

its not insulting and doesnt waste your time. that dodgeball match and final fight were great. throughout the 4th great ninja war, I just wanted something to happen. over 200 episodes of nothing. HOW CAN YOU LIKE THE SHOW WITH THE WAY KISHIMOTO FUCKED OVER ROCK LEE HE WAS THE ONLY GOOD CHARACTER