Left or right, Yas Forums?

Left or right, Yas Forums?

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Left with right's ears.

>Left or right
Left all the way

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Neither. Both are shonenshit.

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dead character tells no story

right ,ofc

... u mean who is ugly one ,right?

the one that isn't dead.

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I can't tell if you people are baiting or just newfags but IMAGINE unironically believing that she will die. I am so confident this hack of a mangaka wont kill her that if I was able to bet my entire life savings on it I would in a heartbeat.

Why are you so sure. Didn't that glasses guy die?

I'd fuck the left one all day

The right one is for subhumans

>Nighteye's first appearance in an arc
>blue reporter villain lady's first appearance in an arc
>Bunny Sue's first reappearance since her first appearance which may as well be a reboot to introduce her in an arc

She doesn't even look close to dead.

But which one among us is brave enough to smell left bunny's farts?

left. imagine being an odacuck

no one liked glassesfag also bunny girl is 150x more popular and this mangaka is obviously just milking his manga in the best way possible, she wont die
she wont die, I will eat my own shit if she does

non-cropped where?


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If you pick right you're a furry.

no one is dumb enough to kill a popular brown, muscle, tomboy bunny girl, right guys.....

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left is also a furry option. not as furry as right but still furry.

Based, day of the euthanasia when?

/fa/ as fuck


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Stop looking at me with them big ole eyes

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>posts gay shounenshit
Ok fag.

far right is best bun. very cute and hoppity

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Design? Left.
Personality? Left.
Attractiveness? Left.
Art style? Defiinitely left.

I mean, it's not really even close. Oda can't write characters for shit. All of his are just character trope templates. Plus, that Carrot girl looks just like every other One Piece girl, but with a different dress, different hair and rabbit ears. That's not much of a design. Plus, Oda couldn't draw shit if his life depended on it.

Miruko, on the other hand, while she sure is a bit cliché here and there, still brings quite some personality to the table. Her face and her body actually look different than other characters of her manga, which contributes immensely to her gesign, which doesn't even have to rely too much on her /fa/ attributes, but even those fit her well.