GITS: 2045

>the episode with the old faggots


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This is not an AI. 30 years younger than anyone in section nine. (10 yearsYounger than Tachikomas as well)

She also got rejected by Batou.

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just post the webms already

Is this any good?

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its better than what Yas Forums is spamming this board about

is this the new borderlands i've been hearing about?

Actually yes, looks like ass but everything else is good
No, its fortnite

Torrent when??

>fucking ilya
i swear the god, this asshole ruin anything

is something going on with purposefully hiring ilya?

Cheap bastard

how is that your main concern when the animation looks like shit

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What are they saying when it's translated as "one-percenter"?

By hiring someone who references literally everything youre basically announcing to the world that you're clueless about art.

probably agreed to no pay as long as they allowed him to self insert

am i too late?

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a bit, it should always be posted in the first 5 posts of every thread

it's on Netflix you retard

>implying Yas Forums doesn't torrent everything

Two days ago.

Based. Helps old people, rejects loli fangirls and drinks real beer. And has a crush on Motoko. Truly our boy.

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the old lady was so cute.
I want to fuck her

An insult to life itself.

He is a real chad just look at the latest episodes on Netflix.

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Only watched the first episode and haven't liked anything about the show so far, everything is terrible from the opening, to the writing, and the god-awful animation, does it get better or should I drop it now?

>shot of the major's smooth, pink, tight, plastic vag in opening
>super brain penis is blurred


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No make it to the end. You will want to drink bleach and then hang yourself.

You really wanted a penis, eh?

you have to admit, the show would have been better with his penis flapping around while he back flips and dodged bullets

I heard that a large part of the SAC team is behind this. Is it even close to SAC1&2?