After watching BNA and LWA, I feel like this need to be said: You Yoshinari is a shit director

After watching BNA and LWA, I feel like this need to be said: You Yoshinari is a shit director.

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Imaishi shits all over Yoshinari

Imaishi shits all over nearly everyone, not really a constructive criticism.

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Episode 7 out yet?

He only knows pure visual aesthetics. Granted, his works are beautiful. But he can't make anything complex in terms of storytelling, storyboards, imagery and symbolism. Not all shows need to be FLCL or NGE, even TTGL, but fuck he literally doesn't know how to use the medium to tell a story.

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What makes him so shit? I liked BNA and I'm currently watching LWA and enjoying it, it's fun and there's a lot of lighthearted comedy that's actually pretty funny

>calls something shit
>doesn't back up his claims
Oi, contrarian. Long time, no see

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But the animation is the only redeeming quality of both shows

I think even his directorial debut is enough to disprove that. The LWA OVA in little more than 20 minutes manages to tell a satisfying story complete with charming characters, all while being a metaphor about animation, about the ethos of the newborn studio, and about new artists joining the industry, which is especially fitting given the nature of the project (anime Mirai).

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BNA's animation is embarrassingly cheap.

So you haven't watched it?

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I'm genuinely curious why you think so. I haven't gotten around to seeing LWA, but I've been enjoying BNA so far.

>watch 5 episodes of this
>nothing happens
>it's not fun like early LWA
please tell me it gets good


keep watching it so youll fit in

>I'm sorry, we don't have Kemono Friends. Is BNA ok?

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I got to the baseball episode and the jump in quality was huge. I'm not invested in a lot this season but I hope the show picks up going forward.

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