Nia is essentially perfect. I just wish she'd kept her short hair

Nia is essentially perfect. I just wish she'd kept her short hair.

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Im glad she's dead

You're an absolute heartless bastard.


>short hair


It's confirmed that short-haired Nia looked like LordGenome when he was younger

So she's look like LordGenome when she'll get older. Good thing she died.

Not cool.

i agree. i don't usually like short hair but i think it suits her a lot more than long hair does. her hoodie is super cute too.

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That design is just so fucking adorable.



w-what the fuck just happened to the pic of nia i posted? let me try again

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That's certainly better than whatever it was you posted before.

blame gookmoot

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I don't think that gookmoot deserves any recognition for that.

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Long > short

Absolutely precious.

Why is there so much good fanart of Nia but every porn version of her is slightly off

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Your opinion is worthless and you should feel bad.
Nia is by far the worst character in that show.

Not only is she the worst, they used her to replace the best character in the show and expected us to just roll with it.


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How much of a brainlet do you have to be to hold such a wrong opinion?
Nia and Kamina are essentially two sides of the came coin.
They both serve the same purpose to the plot.
They are beacons of light, who constantly cheer up their friends; specially Simon.
The whole point of Gurren Laggan's plot it's about believing in yourself, and how it PARTIALLY works on the foundation of other people believing in you.
Both Simon and Nia, in their own personal way, stand out for always believing in Simon.
For being the source of his growth.
The are, mind the phrasing, the humans that give Simon his own sense of humanity.

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Imagine choosing the world over your waifu
Absolutely spineless coward piece of shit

Gib recs pls

kek, spiral power does strange things to you

t. eren

Isn't turning away your own happiness for the good of others literally the opposite of spineless

abandoning your waifu is the most spineless thing a man can do

How so?