Unlimited duration

>unlimited duration
>takes hours or even months of frozen time to achieve anything
>used for perviness and convenience but not for evil
I'm amazed that the best implementation of the time stop ability is in isekai.

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If you aren't going to stop time occasionally and do things like this, you aren't getting the full use out of it.

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>the best implementation of the time stop ability
Nah, the best implementation has already been done like a decade ago. Used to grant himself near-immortality and to torture people.

One of the few isekai that lives up to the potential of its premise

He still mostly stops at just looking, but maybe he's saving some actions for later.

rape is such a can of worms that I will excuse that

What manga

I'm surprised that the Tama Kick author didn't really need Inomaru at all for lewd drawings.

So I'm finally reading Bertia. How come none of you told me she had her own foxgirl loli (you know I'm a sucker for that)

time stop hero

I mailed you a letter must have gotten lost.

I've seen pages of uncensored raws. Will that be translated anytime soon?

I wonder if the direction and size of the light beams was intentional.

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seems like this is the thread

Apart from a great MC, I like how Elf and Thief girl have opposite personalities.

you just posted the name of the OP

I prefer thief girl, but her reaction to him undressing people could be better. She should just get used to the idea he's probably had her naked multiple times by now that even we haven't seen, and that anyone else he encounters has no choice but to be exposed.

The person doing the "translation" isn't actually translating it, so no. No translations until someone actually takes it up.

>you are eating
>this bitch comes yelling at you
>she won't shut up
>stop time
>cum in her mouth
>play time
>the cum comes of her mouth because of her yelling and she chokes and coughs
best superpower

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Either the demon lord is a hot woman or an horrigle giant monster.

>I've seen pages of uncensored raws
sauce nigga

ignore that user, it's some dumb edgy westernshit

Sounds like a bad doujin.

I can't believe Morlock is fucking dead!

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pic related was best time stop power show

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Makes me wonder why the fuck he ever let that one girl borrow the watch at any time.

Forgot to include unlimited prep time.

I'm actually surprised the author isn't making the MC do stupidly broken shit like grinding levels or acquiring wealth and powerful items while time is stopped.

He can grind levels if that ever becomes a problem, and money he can get borrowing when needed too.

So, is this the thread or what?

Why is he wearing a suit?

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Why aren't you?

This mangaka is great. Seriously underrated.

Because no one else is wearing one?

I wanna see elf thief's nipples.

Thief nipples should be uncensored in volume 2. I don't remember any in volume 1.

Are the translations good enough or should I just read the raw?