Ngl this is the worst anime movie I've seen

ngl this is the worst anime movie I've seen

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Not the worst for me but pretty damn average.

It's better than Your Name.

ngl this is the worst bait I've ever seen

Is it also your first?


It was pretty bad, yea. I don’t get the hype.

I think it’s okay the pacing is just off. It escalated too quickly and doesn’t explain what’s going on very much so it seems like the latter quarter of the movie is just back to back set pieces

you clearly haven't seen many anime movies

Animation was good but the characters were not likeable. I hated all of them.

What's the worst then?

It was cool for it's time but no longer good today.

really? Kanada caring for Tetsuo even after all the bullshit he caused hit me right in the kokoro. Kanada was really cool

Kill yourself

Someone must be new to anime. If this is anyone's "worst", they've obviously seen a total of 10 anime. It's a clusterfuck but I could easily name at least 2 or 3 Ghibli movies that are worse as well as like 40 movies you've never heard of that are far worse than Akira. Also anyone who's just now watching Akira in 2020 is underage so I suggest hanging yourself before jannies do.

>Someone must be new to anime.

I'm still mad the movie started out as a cool warriors-esque future biker gang film and then does a 180 trying to become some 2deep4u grade school philosophical trash

easily the worst I've seen

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So you’re saying Kanye is a liar.


Yeah they're called kids. Either that or you live under a rock.

yeah no shit. It's the coming off as a 45yo bitter soccer mom on an anime board.

It was pretty disappointing

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If you can't appreciate it at least on a technical level you're a massive fucking retard.

At least you're not being as brashly retarded as the other brainlet on this board that hates Akira. Not that you're a brainlet OP. Though, you kinda are.

If this movie is bad visually then there is unironically no such thing as good animation.

>falling for bait this low level

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Hey, that's me

Hey brother hope you're doing well. Stay safe out there.

And I don't hate it, I just think the story is painfully average as compared to the atmosphere and the set up.

I tend to avoid highly recommended anime since it's always awful, sometimes it exceeds expectations though like with the madoka series and rebellion