Berserk #360

This really is the question of the day, aint it?

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Skeleton knight backstory chapter when

>Its another Skeleton Knight last page chapter

Kinda cool if he just leaves Farnese, Shierke and Casca and goes back to Black Swordsman era edgelord for another 20 years real time to really rub in that nothing is ever going to happen.

Is it out? Where can I read it?

i'm a decade later to this discussion but...all the other members of the godhand are now 100% in the physical world, right? just like griffith....Where the fuck are they?

open wide

he should dip his sword in that behilit goo

The hell does he do now?

simple, kill griffith

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will he get raped again?

already did dummy


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By... schierke?

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r u for real rn

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He said raped AGAIN
And the only person with actual powerlevel to forcefully fuck guts would b schierk

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Loved this chapter. Btw, as a new fan of Berserk (and a new fan of manga in general), do you guys have any recs for series that scratch the same itch? I'm already reading Vagabond. What I liked most about Berserk I think was the characterization, the artwork, and the themes about relationships.

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give blame A read it's a little strange but it's also really good pic related is from it

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Someone please PLEASE post that noseguy from the woods

thanks, I'll look into it

Do you think Our Guy GATS could potentially go on alone?

Shin Angyo Onshi is literally just Korean Berserk but it's actually finished.

Pretty bad-ass, in my top 10

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It would invalidate everything past the arc where they fight the priest but yeah he could, he's been doing it for sometime.

I think it's possible. Casca, Schierke and Farnese all have reasons to stay in Elfhelm whereas there's really nothing left for Guts to do there.

awesome, thanks

No worries, get ready to feel dawg

give shigurui a read it's a samurai story with crazy brutal fights and a pseudo historical story

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oh yeah sorry about the shitty scan

Cool, thanks. I'm writing these recs down right now so I won't forget.

If you want something dark and violent that's currently being published (but isn't fantasy at all) I'd rec Ichigeki.

Miura spoke through Guts this chapter, huh.