So is it worth watching? I'm willing to forgive any possibly goofy cg animation if the story is good

So is it worth watching? I'm willing to forgive any possibly goofy cg animation if the story is good.

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4 episodes in and it's not great. Doesn't feel like gits at all

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>tfw every GitS thread will be filled with this gay shit

Oh nononon ahahahahahaha aaaaaa ahahahaha

lmao anime is dead

Watched the first 2 episodes so far. I quickly got over how bad the CG was but what the FUCK did they do to Togusa’s character???

Because its cgi shit
And it belongs in the trash !

> Doesn't feel like gits at all
I question if people who say this have ever watched GITS

>what the FUCK did they do to Togusa’s character???
Wait, wait, wait. I can deal with bullshit CG, but you can't fuck with our boy Togusa. Dropped before I even picked it up.

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>it's not bad if you ignore the CGI!
>it's pretty much regular SAC because there's discussions about politics!
>the CG is the only reason why you don't like it!
>not great, not terrible, I kinda like it!
>there was also cute character designs and comedy in the manga, this isn't different at all!
>hahah Ilya is pretty based, dabbing on the haters like that!
>I love it when they show the major's ass lol!
>There's cute girls!
>you're just hating it because you're a contrarianfag!
>you're just hating it because you're a mindless drone!
>You fuckers only hate it because it's not a 1:1 copy of what came before!
>I watched episode X, it's kino
>Every adaptation so far was different from the source material, why complain about it now?
>Just ignore what you don't like about it and enjoy the spectacle!
>Also ignore the fact that the spectacle is just bad CG acrobatics!
>hahah they're cracking jokes just like that one time in SAC, see it's not different at all!
>wow Togusa did kung fu instead of shooting someone that's badass!
>it's fun! why do you hate fun?!
>the animation isn't that bad! you just have to ignore that the models are poorly rigged, matter has no weight, the lighting is horrendous, the camera angles are completely arbitrary and actions have no impact!
>it grew on me!
>I got used to it!
>a horribly subpar product is better than no product!
>the writing is great. you just have to disregard absolutely everything else to enjoy it!
>they did their best!
>it's not bad if you ignore all of the bad stuff!
>it's okay. 9/10 so far!

>plastic looking models
>needless backflipping
>random nigger
>major clearly runs past batou but in the next cut she's behind him

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confirmed meme
why cant they just let me live in peace instead of skull fuck all media I once cherished

nobody forces you to watch the show though

>why get upset when bad things happen?

he literally divorced his wife and got augments


*Your Netflix© subscription has been extended by 1 (ONE) month. Thank you for participating in the online defense program.*

I refuse to believe someone could completely fuck up his character in that way, and if I never watch it, I can continue my delusion. Thanks for warning me.

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Doesn't matter if you question or not because you're wrong

are you going to post this in every thread

I like that song. It's a bop and it gives me sac vibes

I like the ending song way more

the tachikomas are cute

nobody asked for your opinion shitter.

the animation is shit but i can’t stop watching. i’m on episode 7 and shit is getting interesting. i don’t know what that other guy was on about but it definitely feels like gits now.

No watch it and remember this was a slav that self inserted himself and turned this into a fanfiction.



not their fault shows suck. they just fund them.