Beastars Chapter 174

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>TL-Kun doesn't know that jannies/mods will delete melon ass pic
oh no.

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Oh boi, he did it, now we have to wait.

Now I ain't gay buuuut

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godammit legosi

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that's gayer than I expected

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>Kisses the slut in the earlier chapter
>Then mixes his blood with Louis
oh nononononono

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>Keisuke does it again.


One week break due to Golden Week.

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Calling it now.

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Thank you TL-Kun and be careful of butthurt anti-melon jannies/mods.

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Melon you retard, that's not how it works. Your flesh doesn't have spots, it's your fur coloration. And this dude has a PhD lmfao, I am sure he is a token minority college professor.

>who live in this society
I thought Melon was the joker?