Since no one seems to care about Kancolle, can we now discuss Azur Lane?

Since no one seems to care about Kancolle, can we now discuss Azur Lane?

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But I love Iowa

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>official art
It doesn't seem like it

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Breasts too small

But this is an Azur Lane thread

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>fox ears
>no Revell kits strapped to their heads
Yeah, Azur Lane is better.

Iowa is the only shipgirl that matters

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>Chinese mobage garbage
Go back.

>still no yandere angloboats

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I'm pretty sure AL has something better

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I like big tiddy boats yes thank you.

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Why is she making the fox sign?

Nibba I don't know but I have an erection.

I didn't need to know the last part

No because you will bully my bote like idolfaggots do

It should be fine as long as she is not a plank

Taihou is a homewrecker! Taihou prefers to steal already married boys. She's "male:netorare" waiting to happen. Stay away!

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Name a better Domme. You can't.

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I made that crop

I see nothing wrong here

Please stop spreading lies about my wife, thank you

she even stealing other boats uniforms

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Is there anything that doesn't look good on her?

>tfw make an anime about the ship that genocided and spooked the shit out of your ancestors
>also your botesluts are gay for her too
What a fucking timeline.

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Can we discuss Arpeggio of Blue Steel instead, please? ;_;

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how big is too big?

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Belfast is the best boat both in anime and game.

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>official art
Clearly not big enough

nice, another baiter