Post canon bisexuals

Post canon bisexuals.

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Bisluts aren’t human


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All young women are bisexual if there is a man they are hot for in the room.

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Bisexual Cannons?

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That is hot. Got any firing?

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How often they train paizuri sandwiches for Issei?

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when a studio that caters to fujos try to make a magical girl series

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Do females really?

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I won't be surprised if they even occasionally switched breastfeeding of their babies.

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Reminder that Tousaka Rin canonically only pleases het boys and bi girls.

Checked and B&R.


The legs, unsure about the boy.

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They're both canonically heterosexual though.

Rin only pleases men.

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Explain Luvia whom she pleases for money.

Explain Saber whom she pleases for her own pleasure.

Rin would never be caught dead having sex with Luvia in particular.

Seiba (a bi girl) was very pleased.

Saber is straight. She's only ever had sex with a man, Shirou.

Of course not. They do it in private.

Ex and Kurenai must have really happy childhood.

They don't do it at all. They compete over who will get Shirou.