What's his issue?

What's his issue?

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being the only good character in that manga

other people enter his line of sight

Edginess for being 2nd best.

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>Deku constantly sucks his cock
>Has never lost to Deku
>Constantly ranks higher in popularity polls than him

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chad rage

The person writing him is his issue

He wants to fuck Decuck in front of urararaka and tardoroki and turn him into his personal cumdump.

He's a frustrated bottom

>Has never lost to Deku
Literally their first class with All Might at UA

He’s too sexy.

Season 1 Bakugo is a big fish in a small pond who gets a rude awakening when he finds out he’s no longer popular and in fact has no friends, there are people better than him, and he’s got a long way to go. At the end, we see a bit of bravery where we can see he does have a chance to improve. He’s actually fine here.

Season 2 onwards, he just wins every fight without any struggles and gets friends without changing his awful personality, meaning he has nothing to actually develop. All his minimal growth is told not shown (his Joint Training fight being the worst offender as characters literally scream “WHAT? HE CHANGED?!” as he demonstrates teamwork abilities he had already shown in the Cavalry battle) and yet despite being top of the class at literally everything, Deku still lives rent free in his head. He’s now stuck just being a comic relief character who will never actually try to be a better person.

Basically, he got flanderised at a record pace.

He's gay

Dekuho getting roasted by Bakugo


He meant in an actual fight, not capture the rocket.

Actually he lost the match, but he won the fight. And All Might even made Bakugou hold back most of his power.

Being too amazing.

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He's got a massive inferiority complex that he masks through screaming constantly

>*Deku's homosexuality

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Hori shills the hell out of him way too much. Dude gets wanked more than any other character in this manga.

>He's gay
Who Deku?

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He's too talented and soaks too many panties.

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His cock canonically taste like candy and everyone keeps trying to suck it.

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He's too popular and all his merchandise keeps selling out.

Time, and time, and time again, I have seen threads being made about Bakugo. At first it was okay, but the threads just keep coming. They won't stop. And that's the problem is that they won't stop.

I honestly don't care if you love him or hate him, but for me the character has been ruined by all the yelling. All of your yelling Yas Forums. Know that if humanity as a species dies, it will be because you caused it. You did this because instead of reflecting on yourselves, you forced your ideas onto others to try to control them. You yourself destroyed everything that ever had any meaning. I hope you're fucking happy.

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He's fucking autistic and can't stand being one upped by a former cripple

they hate logic be careful

That the characters' words are completely at odds with what's on the page is the worst part. If he was just a strong asshole that the characters treated like a strong asshole, I'd honestly prefer it.

>faggot with rage issues (due to his closeted homosexuality)
>some broccoli head midget who spends the entirety of his screen time crying and has a gay crush on his bully
>some boring-ass kuudere archetype fujobait whose motivation is "i wanna piss off daddy", draws no dimes
>rest of the cast sucks
No wonder BNHA is so bad, their entire male cast is horrible except for based Mineta. But the author is too afraid to think outside of the box make Mineta the rightful protagonist of the story, can't risk that fujoshi and self-inserting shonenfags stop buying his cheap manga and getting de-serialized

>Consistently rejects Deku's homosexual advances.
>He's gay.
Okay, user. Sure.

He's too popular.

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