Hellsing Ultimate

Not gonna lie, I really liked it.
Especially Seras Viktoria. She's a qt.

What does Yas Forums think about Hellsing? I don't see it discussed that much. It's all about Eva, MHA and OPM these days.

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I can't wait for the new netflix adaption where Seras is black trans woman that is the main character and more about her story.

I still think her name was probably supposed to be Viktoria Sears and Japanese naming conventions fucked that up and nobody noticed until it was too late to change it.

Hellsing is a classic and I'm pretty sure the reason Drifters is taking forever is because the mangaka still has totally ridiculous standards of detail and trying to draw too much himself

still, she's a qt. Definitely one of my favs.

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I remember uploading a doujin to Ex for Hellsing back in like fuckin 2009 or something. Probably still there. It was fun and edgy at the time, which is what I wanted in highschool.

Yas Forums has always been about Eva. Hellsing Ultimate was talked about years ago, you just missed it. Call me a fag, but the abriged series was more enjoyable.

It's generally well liked, but old enough that it's been memory holed for the newest generation of shitposters.

It's one of my favorite series, and the musical tips of the hat to the TV anime in Ultimate are nice.

Great concept, but too edgy in execution and the animation was pretty sub-par. Solid 6/10.

Think again.

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Hirano is rich from Hellsing then became lazy.

Nah nah, the abridged was great, too.


Something I didn't quite understand is the following:
>Alucard thinks existence as a vampire is lesser than that as a human, he tells Anderson he preferred him in human form.
>He saves Victoria by turning her into a vampire
why? Is it just the big oppai?

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Lesser than a human is still better than being dead or a monster. And he did ask. It's not like he'd never done it before either, otherwise there wouldn't be all those knockoff vampires running around.

She was dying because of him, so it was only fair. Anderson was totally different. He made a choice.

I love the sudden resurgence of hellsing threads on Yas Forums

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>It's not like he'd never done it before either, otherwise there wouldn't be all those knockoff vampires running around.
That was because Millennium got their hands on Mina Harker's corpse, and she was still carrying whatever it was that Dracula had done to her in the novel, which wasn't quite vampirism like what he did to Lucy.

I haven't seen one in the last three months so I thought, fuck it.
I'm tired of Eva threads and these morons fighting over best waifu.
Eva is good but there's other stuff to talk about.

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Figurama Statue company is going to release soon an awesome Hellsing statue.

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looks pretty good

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thread theme: youtube.com/watch?v=6VDfI07w7gI

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Yeah. I want to get it but it's nearly 1,000 bucks. they also did a Trigun one and also going release a Kenshin/Shishio one too

>1000 bucks
holy shit

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They really would make beautiful children

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Alucard has a certain aesthetic that I really like. That extends to all series that are clearly influenced by Hellsing.

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Anyone would make beautiful kids with Seras Victoria.
Even that disguting franco-swede mercenary brad.

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Yeah....I'm already paying for a $2,000 one of Doom Guy from Doom Eternal by japanese statue company Prime Studio 1. over 2 FT tall.

I also want get from them the Guts statue they made which is badass

You are a fucking bugman jesus christ.

>Manga is good
>anime is good
>OVA once it passes the anime and settles on its own stylings is good
Fun franchise. I still rewatch Ultimate from time to time.


holy fuck we have a gearwhore over here lads

What makes Hellsing superior to other franchises is that its fanbase isn't filled with fucking retards. Decent titles like Eva get often ruined by the fanbase.

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I want to fuck a seras cosplayer tooooo

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LOL. I just love collecting statues.

>those tiddies
muh dick

the dub is insanely good

Seras thread?

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post moar Seras milkers plz

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Even Alucard doesn't really understand why he did it. My guess is he saw something within Seras that urged him to do it. He does seem to like her, though. He expressed disappointment when she didn't drink his blood, but at the same thing, I think he likes the fact that despite no longer being human, Seras never threw away her humanity. Even after drinking Pip's blood and becoming a full-fledged vampire, she didn't abandon her humanity.

or maybe he felt bad for killing a 19yo with huge oppai

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Today I will remind them.

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The real question is why does Integra make her wear a miniskirt?

I keked REALLY hard when these cunts showed up. That passage in the abridged is fucking hilarious too

so that she can be harassed by horny frenchmen, of course.

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