Shingeki no Kyojin

I miss the lesbian representation in this manga

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I miss Yumiru

Pieck's Butt

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Sex with Ymir

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Stop this meme. Historia was never a lesbian. She's literally pregnant right now, and she wasn't forced into it for the sake of some plan because that would contradict everything this manga is about. Historia fell in love with the farmer, or whoever the real father is, and had consensual sex for the purpose of procreation.

We missed out on a YEH threesome. Atleast theres always that 1 doujin

Someone post the Yelena page

*spritz spritz*

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I too remember when people were pushing Berthner.
But who knows, the author changed because people accused him of being a nazi

You are threatened by EH

psycho... What did his post have to do with EH?

EH is a virus

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One eyed noseless who and some guy?

Fuck dykes. I hate them so much

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>free from Marley
>free from the titans
>free from paths
>our minds free from their prisons
>that is the scenery I've yearned for
>this is it brother, our final moment
>the battle has ended, but we are not yet free
>the war is over, but we still have a score to settle
>show me what you've got Reiner!

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remember when this pasta was with Zeke?

Zeke is a fag and has outlived his purpose in the story. Reiner was always Eren's counterpart, those two are destined to be the climax.

>I miss the token lesbian representation in this manga
Fixed that for you faggot.

If I was Grisha, I would have constantly trolled Kruger by sending him memories of me calling him a fag all the time.

Back when we thought he had a better 300 IQ plan than sterilizing all Eldians. And to be fair, two brothers with different hair color that love being shirtless are just asking to be part of Metal Gear memes.

That would never happen, because Dykemir doesn't share

Storytime today?

Why exactly is Eren also genociding the Eldians that Kruger and Grisha dedicated their lives to freeing?

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Yeah when?

No half measures

Where'd this bitch go, anyway? Last I saw she fled with reiner and berthold from that wave of titans erin commanded

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Remember when you thought that the manga might have a good ending?


Well, they do hate Paradis Eldians. And he did give them a heads up at least. Wouldn't be too surprised if he told them so they'd actually rebel and fight for themselves finally.

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