Dragon Ball Super

Who will kill Moro ?

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Bejita or Jiren. The rest are garbage fodder.

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Are Jiren and Goku's backstories supposed to be references to Batman and Superman's respectively? Jiren is like Batman in terms of personality and origin, but his powers and abilities are those of Superman.

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>those ears
I wonder what would happen if I walked up to Frieza or Jiren and clapped their weird tube ears with my palms?

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>those ears
I wonder what would happen if I walked up to Frieza or Jiren and clapped their weird tube ears with my palms?

Now that it's confirmed JiCHAD the Ren is returning to save Gokek from Moro, how hard will he blitz Moro now that we know you can outspeed the succ?

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Merus or Grand Supreme Kai (Buu).

Here, you don't need to watch or read DBS.

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Goku is easily tricked in matters not involving fighting.

What would happen if moro instead of trying to kill him, told goku he wanted to teach him a special god trick and then taught him anal sex?

Goku is not sexual at all and never shows attraction to women and doesnt even give enough of a shit about his own wife to be present when his children were born. So it's safe to assume hes REALLY sexually immature.

He wouldn't be grossed out about sex with another man because he would not have grown up with it being taboo, and he wouldn't be unattracted to the concept since he seems basically asexual. I'm sure he enjoys sex with chi chi, physically, since he had to ejaculate to reproduce. But he doesn't pursue her at all nor is he interested in going home to visit her.

So would he enjoy it? Purely physically, no roughness, lots of lube, moro takes his time. Would goku enjoy it? I think most guys wouldn't be able to stop the physical pleasure, because we know from rape statistics that's true. And I think that with the bonus of it not being violent or painful and without any mental blocks, he would really enjoy it.

I'm saying goku is a fag.

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i thought you were saying you want to fuck goku.

The current strongest character in all of the universes will, of course.

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>I'm saying goku is a- GUEEEEEEEEEH


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>since he had to ejaculate to reproduce

Consensus is that Chi Chi raped him.

Why are they such lesbians?

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consensus is that everything after 1995 is not canon.

Shut the FUCK up, bitch. I DECIDE what is canon and what is not.

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>he's still spamming his shitty edits

based cuckfriend!

Kai > Z.

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God, imagine Goku UNLEASHING on Chichi.

>he also does it for free

Who is that I don't follow non Canon shit

I don't know about all that, but GODku is undefeated against his royal servant, Bejita.

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OGDB is trash.
Z is trash.
GT is trash.
Super is trash.
You cannot refute this.

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>Loses in the Saiyan saga
>Needs a manlet and toddler to pick up his slack

>thread is still up

>Posts moetrash
you aren't even in the realm of being able to comprehend how fast I didn't read your post.


>those ears
I wonder what would happen if I walked up to Frieza or Jiren and clapped their weird tube ears with my palms?

>no argument
Too easy.

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>I don't know about all that, but [headcanon]

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Jiren is more of a Kenshiro type of character. But Kenshiro with the attitude of Raoh.

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>Still posting moe
Concession: accepted
Post: Unread

CHADonball is literally the peak of human media. All of human history, from the first caveman drawing on the cave walls, to Shakespeare's moeshit, to whatever people watch today, was all created to lead to the development of the ultimate show. CHADonball is the result of centuries of human development and the evolution of man's culture.

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Give me more (You)s, dog.

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