He should be the MC

He should be the MC.

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No one likes a perv MC.

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To based for this PC world

BNHA should be axed

Honestly, a series about Mineta going through an arc, where we reveal why he's such a perv and why he wants to be popular. (I think you could set it up so he's just deeply lonely, and so thinks trying to seduce women is what will cause him to feel like he's accepted, which could be interesting.)

I think what could be most built upon is his lack of confidence and his intelligence, as he has been shown to even overcome his perversions and even defeat Midnight. If he became more assertive and confident, controlled his anxiety better, and reigned in some of his eccentricities, I think he could be a fan-favorite, easily.

Unironically, I also thinks a girlfriend could reign him in if you made her someone who's his moral leash

why do people hate him, really? Hes a great comedic relief

He's a teenage boy, does he really need a deep seated reason to be horny

Why are herofags so universally hated on Yas Forums

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>Hes a great comedic relief
I never found him funny.

That's because hoshikori can't write humor, or anything for that matter.

thats ok, comedy is subjective

>People unironically find him funny

Whatever they do, it should relate to Midnight since she unironically seems the most like him except hot and a woman. Have someone call her out for hitting on literal children and holding a harem of bishounens as she calls out Mineta. Could be good growth for both of them, and make her be his personal mentor.

I love this character
Whenever I fap to bnha i make sure to read the contents when this fucker appeares
Its always a sea of fucking dipshits that make me blast my sides and my load


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because the manga turned to irredeemable shit after the training camp arc yet you underage fags continue to act like it's remotely enjoyable

Yfw mega perv protags will be a thing of the past.

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Nah, instead of ‘development’ they should just make a degenerate relationship between these two mega perverts

Or people just like a thing you don’t like

And nothing of value was lost.

He just wanted revenge.

Some isekai and romcom series still have them.

Mineta is handsome

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It would be a better manga

Spotted the herofag

That's why Deku is so hated.

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>claims it takes months of careful tinkering and stabilization before these nomu are even functional
>this page
How did fem nomu know Endeavor was the number 1 hero? It's not like the doc was constantly updating the high ends with current news events while he was manufacturing them, was he?

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Shiggy was months, the high ends takes several hours.

Any character is better MC than The Cuck™

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>the high ends takes several hours
To stabilize and become battle ready from slumber, yes, but it takes way longer to manufacture them, meaning that the fem nomu's realization that Endeavor was the no.1 hero is odd, since she would have had to be cognizant of that within only the few months Endeavor has been the no.1 hero. In other words, how was she made aware of this?

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