Giorno is the worst jojo MC and you know it

Giorno is the worst jojo MC and you know it

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blocks your path

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Part 5 worst part unironically

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May as well just admit you skipped part 1.

Part 5 was the only good part though


Everything after part 3 a shit.

Let's be honest here.

Battle tendancy has the best lore and feeling of history and depth.

Jonathan at least has a personality, unlike his son

If it weren't for Bucciaratti I'd've never endured part 5 desu

Did watch/read everything until jojolion?

everything from part 4 onwards is a separate series from JoJo

Worse than Jotaro?

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he played second and third fiddle the entirety of part 5

wtf was he thinking

Josuke is arguably the best, though

Johnny >= Josuke > Jonathan > Jotaro > Joseph > Giorno

I like him more than Jotaro, more based and his extreme acts of badass are funny because he looks like a 15 year old scrawny fag

>muh trilogy

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Had the most interesting premise and worst execution. Should have seen more Dio in his character.

I don't understand why men like Part 5 so much. It has the worst setting, worst plot, worst fights. The only saving grace is the yaoi potential but they hate that stuff so what do they even enjoy about it?

Pretty bad bait femanon here's your (you)

Italy is a fucking sick setting, they fight on boats, in the coliseum it literally has the best locations in any jojo part. And the fights are sick too, stands like sticky fingers, metallica, king crimson, aerosmith are all great. The only problem I have with part 5 is that the ending isn't great

It's the intersection of hyper masculinity and faggotry. The main cast is a bunch of bros so confident they wear women's clothing.

great answers. Part 5 just has a ton of personality. Bruno is also probably the first true overshadowing of a main character by the JoBro in the series (although it does happen again in 7).

imagine having this bad of a take im convinced people like you actually go through life living on reddit and get upset when people dont share your terrible tastes

Giorno is for cultured individuals, only brainlets dislike him for his “lack of personality” because he’s not overtly edgy or overtly memey.

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You aren't a cultured individual no matter how hard you project.

>Everything after part 3 a shit.
dude part 3 was fucking awful before avdol's first death

At least until Part 6 gets animated.

Giorno is wasted potential. he's a follower for most of his part he's not a necessary participant. all this king crimson shit would have happened without his involvment.

> Assassinated that fat fuck with a banana
your point is invalid.

I think you mean second worst. Pic related was so bland that he didn't even feel like the main character of his own series.

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Actually yea, I understand what part 4 went for but Josuke wasn't the one progressing the plot most of the time. He's still cool though.
People joke about how Rohan is Araki's favorite but Josuke was definitely the basis for a lot of stands/characters he wrote afterwards.

Very true OP.
That and part 5 sucks