What would it be like if Machikado Mazoku turned into a serious magical girl show?

@HiRO_eeee posted sketches on pixiv today contemplating just this concept. Shamiko turns into a winged gargoyle type demon and a punished! Momo has to fight her

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Momo takes serious damage trying not to hurt Shamiko before she finally resorts to a punch to the face.

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The punch to the face shatters the gargoyle form and leaves a naked and unconcious Shamiko lying in the street.

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This page is exploring the idea of a Punished!Momo with varying levels of damage and a reaction from Shamiko who we already know does not remember what happens when someone like Lilith possesses her body.
The idea of a out of control Shamiko biting Momo's whole right arm off. Or merely clawing her face and slashing her left eyeball open.

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>those gentle eyes on Monmo

She understands that Shamiko had no control over her gargoyle form.

My cute autistic crocs wearing flat chested husband (female) Momo's eyes are always gentle!

Isn't that one of the reasons why Shamiko falls for her?

In other news, this promotion has set off a wave of Machikado bunny garu art.

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Even Ogura.
But Ryoko in a bunny suit is considered two powerful I guess.

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it'll surpass madoka

Should Shamiko's final form at the end of the Manga include wings?
Although neither Lilith or Jonathon have wings. She would have to acend to a higher form than either of her ancestors.

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Shami in a sundress as seen through MomoVision.

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Nice. I hope the artist draws more of this

wings are gay

Yes, I hope he doesn't just leave it as doodles and completes it.

New chapter when?!

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Like 2 or 3 days, who knows when it'll get translated though.

It's serious enough at it is.
>demons get hunted for points
>demons are sealed away for thousands of years
>magical girls can turn into ether
>magical girls destroying whole city blocks with kinetic bio weapons

As a serious show, it would be pretty grim dark.

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Is this an army, a harem or both?

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What kind of ramen requires kikikanrifomu to eat? Ghost pepper ramen? Lico's special house ramen?

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Only real ramen connoisseur eat while wearing the kiki kanri form

Those do look like whole pork chops in the bottom right corner. Maybe is one of those "if you finish you don't pay" giant bowls of Ramen and she kikikanried to ensure she won?
Would Momo be pissed at this kind of cheating?