ITT: God-tier Anime Openings

Post only the finest quality openings in this thread. I'll start:

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Top this.

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Chuu Chuu yeah!

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This tops it. If you believe it

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What do I win?

The chance to try again.
Got a million more till you give me my goddamn medal.


>Not standing with his ninja clan. Ninja Clan? Ninja clan
You're gay

Huh, I guess it takes trash to know trash.

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Love this op. There was a video I saw where the cast were discussing the opening and expressing their confusion. Shame I can't find it, it was pretty funny.

I know the anime was average but damn the opening is top tier
Ishida better give his next work a proper ending OR ELSE

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Damn that was actually a bop.

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Nothing but the finest It's like it's own little self contained story. Song kicks ass too

Shippuden had a bunch of good ops. This one ranks pretty imo.

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You may not like it but this is what peak opening sound like.

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This was so out of left field, but it's absolutely great.
I'm amazed they did such a fine job with dorohedoro

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I like when the song and visual content come together well.

I have no idea what's happening but I'm digging it

I don't even watch the anime but this is kino

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Pack it up guys, it's over

Suprised no one posted the disco opening yet.

Enjoy user. BTW it's 100% not a cooking anime

>boogiepop OP
damn based.
pure kino

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