Undead Unluck

What went wrong?

Seriously, what went wrong
It had a good start now it may be axed? Was it the introduction of the not-gotei 13 organization of super powered members? They always ruin everything

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It wasn't good
it also objectifies women, which is always a no no

It was just unlucky

If you're talking about the 13k volumes sold instead of an average of around 30k for a new decent series avoiding the axe, blame Shueisha for only making the selling week last three days. My info may be a little off so don't quote me on that but that's the general gist of it, I think UxU will live to see another day at least for now.

New U19 member?

sounds based as fuck

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Shouldn't manga sales in Japan be all around dropping due to covid? Did everything else have high sales?

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I think the big sellers still sell big
the drop is around the 10% range maybe

Daily reminder: don't trust Shueisha manufactured hype and the casual twitterfag claiming that "nips love it".

Kimetsu still sells one or two millions pero week.

shame when something you like doesn't sell
maybe they could move it to another magazine

who in their right mind trust corporations?

>out of all the axebait, the ONE knockoff may be the only one that survives
Fuck my life.

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It's not so bad in context, it sells more than Mitama, Agravity or Yozakura iirc. If the new batch sells like shit UU would be safe for the time being but its numbers have to increase FAST.

Which one?

That's because it's the best one.


Which mangas are you niggas talking about

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>What went wrong?
the literal apocalypse and Shueisha underprinting because they're retarded

probably the One Potter Psycho.



>Fucking Muscle harry potter
i should have knwon

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Based Mashle

I just remember it was something like punch wizard. It was about some dude who could use magic in a world of wizards so he becomes buff. Its basically OPM + Black Clover.

it's better than Cringegan Omega

Ah nearly forgot

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Its written Kengoon Obama

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My only wish is that all Mashlefags had one neck, so I could put my hands around it and squeeze.

Why do you say it’s getting axed?


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Mitamabros...we got too cocky.

>S-Tier (The Top Percentile)
01.27 One Piece
01.44 Kimetsu no Yaiba

>A-Tier (20th to 40th Percentile)
03.11 Dr. Stone
03.56 Boku no Hero Academia
03.79 Haikyu!!
04.16 Yakusoku no Neverland
05.25 MASHLE

>B-Tier (40th to 60th Percentile)
06.44 Chainsaw Man
06.54 ACT-AGE
06.66 Jujutsu Kaisen
06.67 Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
06.90 Black Clover

>C-Tier (60th to 80th Percentile)
08.35 Undead Unluck
08.78 Mitama Secureity
10.42 Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

>D-Tier (The Bottom Percentile)
10.58 Mission: Yozakura Family
10.70 Agravity Boys
11.12 Majo no Moribito
>(Beast Children)
>(Samurai 8: Hachimaruden)
>(Tokyo Shinobi Squad)

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Why do people keep making threads talking about manga getting axed? is UU not selling?

Mashle? Why do you think that will survive?

Mitamachads literally can't stop winning

It's the only axebait that ranks good.

Its just bad user

move on

Dr. Stronk

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Mitama kaisen will survive

its just barely above the yuuna-line
its below undead


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nips are barely taking it seriously kek they only went into lockdown last week

It's in an intersting position, between Mitama and Yozakura, it's a tossup which will survive
Yozakura sells more, but still sells less than 30k.
Mitama ranks higher, but still is down near the bottom most weeks.