Do you think we'll get this scene in the reboot?

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post it

Matt has no ass haha

They'll just make it all girls.

Post what?

the scene

But which one?

was watching the reboot and couldnt kept watching after izzy started flexing his new iphone to taichi. Shit series glad is flopping.


Kitaro never got naked in the reboot (also by Toei), unlike all the previous series.
So no.

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For me it's Ruki Makino. The strongest, prettiest and best digimon girl of the franchise. All hail to the queen.

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>broken heart version

Fine then

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It's actually doing really well. Or was until they put it on hiatus.
Because they can't get the VAs to record any lines, because that means several people in a tight space.
Because Corona.
Thanks, China.

thats a butt

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They seem to know how much the fanbase values Koushiro, so he'll either join or take Joe's place while Gommamon harasses him.


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Shut the fuck up

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Digimon is fujo now so why not?

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Ok I want this now, 3 best boys fighting over a towel.


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Are they gonna come back?

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God Taichi is such a slut

>implying they both aren't

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They are gonna add Meiko to the reboot, I can feel it.