Dumb action

Is there a good action anime where the MC doesn't win because of something cheesy like they're fucking pissed or with the power of friendship?

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Stop reading shounen

A show like that doesn't exist, give up and kill yourself

Boku no pico

I want an anime where the villain wins due to friendship or getting pissed

Where are the Hunterchads when you need them...

That's Kinnikuman. Power of friendship is an actual thing and villains use it too
it's also the first battle shounen



Winning cause you're fucking pissed is cool though.

baki maybe?

JoJo part 2 does that, thought through other cheesy means since JoJo2 is an asshole who comes up with cheap tatics

Kengan Asura

I think it's fucking dumb. Being angry doesn't make you stronger, it just makes you more reckless.

It's more like when characters get angry they go all out rather than them growing stronger


The last good JoJo

I’d argue 3 too. Although Jotaro had the same power as Dio, he had to outsmart him multiple times to win.

Dive D.Gray-man a chance. I don't recall much power of friendship there.

I also don't remember the good guys winning that much, at least not without taking a major beating. The Noah pretty much crapped on them 75% of the times.

jotaro does the angery thing though

No it doesn't. Getting angry does nothing to boost your powers in JoJo.


How did getting angry boost his powers?


YYH had a few fights where Urameshi won using hist wit, but towards the end it went more into power level.

Nigger, BnHA is WORSE then power of friendship. People pull powers out of their ass. That ore Deku suddenly gets a few more % on him OfA. Don't get me started on Oh-My-Seven-Quirks.

black clover

I, too like shonen where the MC gets seven powers despite already having the strongest one, all while simultaneously not deserving it at all

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Jotaro lost his stand because he turned him into a child, but Jotaro kicked his ass because he was still pissed.

only World Trigger came to mind

The hell you talking about? Kid Jotaro was weaker then adult Jotaru, and he didn't win because he was angry. He won because Alessi was a complete pussy and Jotaro was brawling since he was like 5.