Gakuto quite being the Student Council President but was elected again shortly after. Next episode is Rook once again proving why he is the best bro

>Episode 5 : ルーク,男の闘い – Rūku, Otoko no Tatakai
>(Rook’s Manly Battle)
>Luke is furious as he reads the articles the school newspaper has written, insulting Yuga and Rush Duels. Putting his pride at stake for his friend, Luke confronts them ... "

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>more filler

Attached: ShinYoshida.jpg (360x450, 20.53K)

Once again we weren't let down by the animators and they gave us tons of Romin fan service in this episode.

Attached: Romin35.jpg (1280x720, 70.07K)

Lots of cute Romin shots this episode

Attached: EWZ29m4U0AAfHkv.jpg (1144x643, 82.92K)

I can't believe Yuga actually botted for likes, what a fucking sneak

Attached: Smugyuga.png (591x606, 409.31K)

>Implying Zexal didn't have filler
Anyway, thank god Yoshida is gone. Prime Yoshida died ages ago


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>Romin always goes along with whatever Yuga says
>ditches Rook whenever he's imagining scenarios
Can the writers make it any more obvious that Romin likes Yuga?

Also, Romin is confirmed to not know how to sing. She says eh si only a guitarist so i supposed that makes her brother the singer of the group

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>every single duel decided in 3-4 total turns
Rush was a mistake

that's the entire point of rush dueling, it's meant to go fast.

Zexal had plot from day 1 with getting Astral's memories and hunting Number cards.

Well they're not exciting at all. It's going to look really dumb when serious villains get taken down in just 2 turns instead of strategic back and forth and build up to a climax. Or maybe they're not even going to bother and just make everything fun and low stakes.

>male VA who can sing
Any ideas?

Can't believe Ghost girl voices this pure girl

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yeah well, this series is not about master duels so you either take that or drop the show.

What? Are you serious?

SEVENS also had plot from episode one with not Kaiba telling the cast the door has opened. Also, Goha's president being aware of Rush Duels and Roa who is obviously the asshole rival

>It's going to look really dumb when serious villains get taken down in just 2 turns instead of strategic back and forth and build up to a climax.
If you think Rook will take out the President in two turns then i don't know what to tell you

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I love Romin!

Muh heart

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Man I miss Cyberse Witch

Literally who?

I really missed shit like this

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Just watch any kid's show. They're all good friends.

They cute

Is not the same when it's not YGO

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She tooo cute jesus

I love Romin.

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Good times. Best girl will forever live in our hearts.

Attached: Cyberse Witch-Magician Yusaku.jpg (600x560, 63.48K)

Not as bad a GAO Micado. Little shit had plot armor for days.

You can really tell the Vanguard director is doing this. All this sitting around and talking and dumb jokes and slow moving pace. Yikes.

What is vanguard?

>her face when she sees you staring at her shoulders

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And also episodes like Cathy losing to a one-off which didn't even make it to the rollercoaster and Orbital having a boner.

Do other kid shows play Duel Monsters?

So how much longer are you going to keep pretending this shit is good and not just another generic kodomo anime?

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Nice sevens. Check them.

The toy they're shilling isn't really relevant to them acting like friends. Other kid shows play other card games or have toys they're playing with.

>just another generic kodomo anime
I have no idea what kodomo anime look like. I'm just enjoying the chill.

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As long as it doesn't shit itself as hard as ARC-V or becomes boring like VRAINS this Anime is ok in my Yu-Gi-Oh! book

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>No Romin sing in ED
>Hesitant to sing in this episode

Romin confirmed to be suck at singin'


Are you just baiting drainsposter or do you genuinely want him to piss you off?

just stop trying to get sense out of this place. sevensfags don't care if the show is good and only care about romin. this is the second coming of zexalfags and know you know why they are hated.

I've been watching YGO for most of my life. YGO is the only Kodomo Anime i can stand

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What part of Vrains did you find boring? I watched it all recently and I never felt it that way.
I only care about best boys Luke and Gakuto.

Every YGO is a kodomo anime. But they're better than the average kodomo anime because of their ambitious stories and artistic style. Except this one. It's just conforming to other shows.

nobu was fun.

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>and only care about romin
And for good reason my friend.

>Shonen jump

>What part of Vrains did you find boring?
S1 with all the recaps but S2 was the true reason people started having it. S3 improved the show but having Yusaku save everyone's asses again for the third time was boring

it's fine if you want to romin post but stop acting like the show is good.

they confirmed the va already, I don't care to recall who it was though.

We've already had this argument, shut the fuck up. Either post some constructive criticism or go find another thread.

I like Zexalfags more than 5Dfags.

Yeah, it's called range. Something quite a few actors don't have,

Same. This feels like watching early Gx all over again and I love it.

All the recaps, and the slow ass pacing. Lightning and Windy duels were entertaining though.