Will you ever grow out of anime?

will you ever grow out of anime?

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I'm 49 and I still love anime, so no.

When anime runs out of interesting shows, sure.

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Growing out of things is for teens.

Thank to netflix my 50 something year old dad is watching anime bro.

no, but I will grow bigger in you

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I don't even watch anime anymore I just hangout here watching other people enjoy anime.

based boomer dad. what is he into?

Sure, once everything becomes shit.

im past my growing stage on life

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peak regression


Probably but who knows, life is a shit show.

I grew INTO anime

was he not around for pokemania?
what happened for him to miss out on pokemon.
even boomers started playing pokemon go.

Yes. I barely watch it nowadays, less than 2 seasons a year, in the future I'll probably only watch JoJo adaptations to keep up with internet memes

I'll grow out of anime when I'm dead.


When I finish my backlog.

everything he has watched fate/stay

I only got into anime when I was already an adult. How can I "grow out" of it?

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I already "outgrew" it. I like it precisely because it's juvenile and simple.

what is his thoughts on astolfo?

Why should I?

don't you want a wife?
and kids?
and to get divorced?
and live off in motel barely making ends meet with crushing child support and alimony payments while your childhood bully fucks your ex wife?

god I wish that was me

i actually stopped watching anime for a while to study for some tests now, and all that changed is that now i spend all my time here

Anime is just another medium of media. People say they've grown out of cartoons but watch Family Guy and Simpsons. I have grown out of certain types of shows like most shounen series and isekai.

i hope so

Already happened. Started watching anime in my late 20s and now during my early 30s I am already unable to stomach seasonal. Time to find some adult hobbies.

>adult hobbies.


You should grow out of the shitty teenager stories anime has by the time you're 25.

Fucking this. If I had "finish my backlog" as granted as my last wish I'd be immortal.

>Will you ever grow out of anything.
No. But you will die eventually.

Just move to manga.

He now wants to divorce and marry a cute trap boy instead.

Dunno, but preferably one where you don't waste 90% of your time in an attempt to find the 10% enjoyable enough to actually finish.


As long as it's still recognizable as anime, I'll keep watching it

I tried to but then I read a manga about girls getting their brains sucked out by giant insects. and the fact that it gave me a boner was unacceptable, nope cant go down that path, im staying away from manga

You could just, you know, not read Island of the Giant insects.

This. I can barely watch anime anymore but I read hundreds of weekly/monthly manga.