Usogui ch.454

I can't believe Leader is an alien.

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yeah I have no idea where the story is supposed to go if this isn't some 5d mindgame going on right now

Yeah, I dropped this shit when they went on that island


>Dumb niggas that don't understand the reference to when he entered the scene after the Hangman gamble

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I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Baky took a bet on the Leader and the Iron Maiden. In this chapter they explained more on the Leader mental issues, so what else than a little dismemberment/impalement mental trauma in order to recover your lost memories?

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>He's missing out on the most kino game

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More like didn't remember. Sounds like I should re-read soon

This is definitely one of those series that becomes better on a reread

the game tower is must reread atleast 3 times

A brainlet like me is forced to reread it at least 3 times. I'm enjoying the latest game so far even though I have no idea what the fuck Baku's plan is. Unless he's just expecting Fukurou to fuck up or something?

Have you guys heard about Batuque switching to an online release after its 8th volume? He said we might get an Usogui spinoff too.

That was such a good callback
I wanna see Lalo dying. Wonder if he will despair or just do something insane. Anything works.

Tower was the peak of the series, but this big arc had amazing moments too. Usogui vs Lalo has been great so far, and the whole Bai Long shit was fantastic.

I don't find Batuque as good as Usogui and I read it mostly for the amazing art but this one scene is perfect. The character was made just for this gag, I'm sure of it.

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>I don't find Batuque as good as Usogui
I mean the english translation is "only" at chapter 71. For Usogui chapter 71 was Baku beating Kaji's mom in poker, we hadn't even gotten to Caracal's introduction or the labyrinth game yet. If we compare it like that then personally I think Batuque is better

Was this Usogui's biggest power move?

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Bataque is great, has incredible heart.

I cant wait for the eventual usogui storytime, honestly it probably could be done and we would be caught up by the time the next batch or 2 roll out

I want to know where the story is going to go from here because it's already going balls to the wall much faster than Usogui did

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I think the most powerful move was giving up the day he lost to the leader.

Does it matter? I love the chaos.

I don't mean that in a bad way I'm loving it too. But if it's already this crazy then it's probably going to get even crazier later on.

Never gunna be as 5d as usogui but that's alright, I like what it is.

I was pretty disappointed by this. Does it ever get as good as in the first building arc? I liked how Usogui juked and took out the mooks, but everything else after that was fucking bland. I could only tolerate it until that one guy that gambled days with Kaji, and then I dropped it.

There's no gambling or mind games in this series it's just a straightforward martial arts manga so yeah no chance of mindblowing keikakus but it's quickly starting to become one of my favorite fighting manga with Baki

Usogui is one of the manga where the "it only gets good after [x] chapters" meme applies. For me, it's the paper labyrinth game. The hangman was good for characterization and atmosphere but the general gambling is too retarded for my taste. The artificial vision thing pulled me out of the series. Good thing the author discard the Kakegurui tier gambling afterwards.

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This is probably one of the better poster childs for "It gets better later" The art also improved significantly.

Imagine if it went the Diner route

Sako Toshio's writing style is weird because he spends a lot of time building things up which turns a lot of people off but once things get going it really starts to ramp up and just never stops

>first building arc

Yeah dude the first few gambles are shit. Rodemu, the see-through card, the mines to a certain extent. If you didn't like by at least the mines or labyrinth, the manga is probably not for you.

batuque is pleb filtered

Whats the best way to go about storytiming this? I might bite the bullet and do it in my free time.

Is this scene supposed to imply that weird facial hair guy is the son of Kiruma Tatsuki, the previous leader, and therefore the half-brother (a forgotten bastard) of current Leader? It looks like the comparison of both characters is supposed to hint that the visual similarity is striking. The hair, the face, and of course the weird eyebrows. It could also just be a hint of Leader recovering his memories but it's mighty suspicious. This manga is full of coincidences where people who are connected in the past get to meet again.

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Right now or next week should be okay I guess. The translator released chapter daily and we'll have like 6 or 7 volumes left. By the time the storytime threads catch up, I'm sure the translation will be finished by then.

Seeding the labyrinth so he could reset the leader game, that chapter was absurd
Also I wish we'd got more Voja, she was cute when not in murder mode

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I meant that in the literal sense, never storytimed anything before, i dont have the chapters on file