Volume 13 sold 239,432 in it's first week, released on a Friday

Volume 13 sold 239,432 in it's first week, released on a Friday
Volume 14 sold 123,735+122,052= 245 787
Source: erzat.blog/japan-top-weekly-manga-ranking-january-13-2020-january-19-2020/
I can't actually check on Oricon's site because they don't list that far back. Correct me if this blog is wrong. I know for a fact that Volume 14 is correct because it's verifiable on Oricon's site
If correct then volume 14 is the best selling 5toubun volume in terms of week one sales

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Oh no no no filerbros...

>2 threads
>each one of them are dead
And everything is negi's fault

>adding regular and limited editions together
ok bro

Lol you're absolutely seething.

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just saying you're absolutely retarded, but that's expected from a retard who uses that kind of blog to check sales

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So find a better source and prove me wrong

Wouldn't the last volume sell normally? Why are yotsuba fan boys pretending like its somehow to do with yotsuba's poorly written conclusion

isnt more like people got baited into buying it due to the personalized covers?

>Reminder that /OURGIRL/ and the BEST GIRL won

It's still hard to believe.

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Fillerniggers were saying that the manga will flop because Yotsuba won
So I like to throw their own logic back in their faces and show that the manga is successful because Yotsuba won

Yotsuba is the best Nino.

I'm not saying that numbers are wrong. There are well-known specialized anime/manga sales databases. And using some western blog instead of them explains why you don't know why you can't simply add regular and limited editions and compare it with prev volume sales.

>There are well-known specialized anime/manga sales databases
So link me them, I've been searching for Oricon archives in Japanese and English

>you can't simply add regular and limited editions and compare it with prev volume sales.
Pure cope, both are volume 14 and count as volum 14 sales.

>fillertard already damage controlling

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Lurk more.
For manga like 5toubun majority of people buy tankoubons for collection purposes only, they have already read it elsewhere. And if there are 2 editions a relatively high percent of people will buy both. The same pattern is observed with literally every single manga that releases special editions.

I don't see a link in your post so I'm not reading it
Your lack of source comes pretty close to confirming that these numbers are accurate
Holy based Yotsubest, saving the manga right until the very end

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They were retarded but I also think its retarded to say that Volume 14's sales are thanks to Yotsuba's victory.

I'm just showing them what happens when you apply their logic to the situation. If it's retarded than that's a reflection on them

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feels good man

Nino is best nino. I think Negi designed her the best as a character. Long hair, long stockings, cutesy style, twin split ornaments, and tsundere are all the easy popular choices for a character.

Yotsuba already OP storywise even though Negi gave her shorter hair, gave her fewer "glamor shots" and shifted them to Itsuki, and even put that huge ribbon on her to make her look stupid (Negi said he did the same with Raiha, but everyone turned out loving stupidly huge hair ornaments).

If Negi gave Yotsuba long hair and a back ribbon she'd blow the other quints out of the water and she'd be much more likely viewed as a favorite. Making her dumb with a stupid ribbon was probably the right choice since it makes the itsuki smoke screen work better and there's only upside when he draws her differently.

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i hate nini

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Negi haters BTFO. Yotsuba best girl LMAO

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>Copefags got so btfo they won't even show their faces in this thread

Based, shitnofags and the inferior romcoms they ship jumped to all utterly BTFO.

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