Is it too late to get into one piece?

Just finishing bleach and I'm thinking of getting into the other Shounen Big 3 and i like pirates more than ninjas so I'm saying Naruto for later. Anyone got some advice to give?

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Sorry for the typeo. Meant to type saving

Just read it you fucking retard. This is why shounen subhumans are the worst, grow a brain and begin thinking for yourself.

How many episodes does the show have?

over 900


Shit, and is it still going?

Should I just go with Naruto instead? At least that ended right?

Don't watch it, read it. The anime sucks. Bleach and Naruto at least had the decency to put in filler episodes which you can skip. One piece inflates the canon content instead, making even the interesting parts into something boring. Trust me, the anime isn't worth your time.

I like One Piece manga more but Naruto anime is superior to One Piece anime

been reading the manga for ages, but only caught up with the anime recently
it took me 3 months to catch up with the anime, so considering coronavirus it would take you 2 if you're dedicated.
be sure to avoid both english dubs like the plague and use a filler guide
it's absolutely worth it, leagues better than most other shonen.
don't bother with naruto by the way, part 1 is a 6/10 and part 2 is an unfocused garbage fire

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Is it too late to get into one piece?
Anyone got some advice to give?
read te manga

Theres Boruto the spinoff which still going, but yes the main series ended a few years ago. If you are going to watch Naruto, you should skip most of the filler, there are only a few which are good and filler make up about 40% of the entire series

I remember hating the pilot when it premiered on jetix. I've always wanted to give it another chance and now that I finished bleach I now have time

>be sure to avoid both english dubs like the plague
and missing out the Pirate Rap?

How many episodes does the entire original series have? how long will Boruto last? How long will it take me to get through them all?

one piece or naruto?
one piece arguably starts a little slow, however it was still trying to find its footing and finds it by the time they get to loguetown.
naruto on the other hand starts pretty well and falls off very hard after sasuke betrays the group


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The entire original seriesa actually consists of two series: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and together they have 720 episodes but as i've said 40% are filler

It's never too late but it's gonna get some time. Also, anime is good until the Sabondy arc, after that, read the manga instead

I'm guessing it was the 4kids dub of one piece that aired on Jetix. Figures since I hated that and went with bleach entirely throughout high school and college. Now I finally got time to watch something else before the rumored 20th anniversary special pops out

One Piece is consistently good until the timsekip after it it becomes mediocre to bad. Naruto is not very consistent, some arcs are good, others are mediocre, but only one arc, the last one, is bad

720? shit I should be able to complete it in under 2 to 3 months then.

Watch the anime for a while, after that just read the manga.

The start of the anime is pretty good, no filler, good voicework, dramatic scenes are handled well. Eventually that stops and it has big filler arcs and shit.

By 'a while' I probably mean about 200 episodes though, skipping the 1000 dragon filler and whatever other filler I can't remember. Up until the end of Alabasta at least.

How long does oda plan on making the series? it already outlived the other 2 big shounen of the big 3

Does it have a good soundtrack?

Originally he said 1000 chapters. We're on chapter 978 now, and there's no way it's ending particularly soon.

I think there was a quote where he revised that estimate but I can't remember when that was or what it was.

It will be going a few more years at least.

Oda said in 2019 that One Piece still has around 4-5 years left before it reaches the climax, we're getting close to the ending.

Which one One Piece or Naruto? Narutos soundtrack is really good, One Pieces soundtrack is good but nothing special

Oh then I guess I'll go with Naruto for now and watch one piece another time then.

I recommend watching Naruto Kai honestly.

4 to 5 years you say? Jesus dude I'm already 30. Getting pretty tired of waiting for one piece to end.

Amazing series you won't regret it.

What's Naruto Kai?

Its a fan made edit that splices all of the Canon episodes together as well as puts the flashbacks where they would truly hit hard. Here I'll post a link in a sec. Or you can just find it by googling it.

Here is for part 1