ITT characters that singlehandedly ruined their respective anime/manga

I will begin

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This spastic cringe kid

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Astas pretty based after ep 15 when the screaming stops

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>he gets better later I swear
Everytime. Also 15 eps? Fuck no I'm not gonna watch that many

I don't care lol

literally no one cares

dont care haha

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Opbp. you will be hard pressed to find a more disappointing character than raki, at least in my experience. his character goes beyond wasted potential.

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idk how to fag

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Heh, sorry the boys backed me up. Didn't mean to gang up on ya

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agree. when watching the anime i was hoping for him to die in every scene he was in danger.
that being said, the character is redeemed a bit in the manga

you're just watching it for the furryshit i assume

Anyone who knows what they are talking about would be pointing out Priscilla instead

yes, same with the author

This is a bad thread

Fuck you, Reg is the best character.

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post a character

>he is still doing it

blocks ur path

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