What is the appeal?

What is the appeal?

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how fat she is

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Consensual rape.

>Kazuma lusts over that constantly

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Cute fatty.

she likes to fuck ugly people so its the only way youd get laid.


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noble woman

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She's cute as fuck even when not being a horny slut, and has a charming, noble demeanour when not being a horny slut.

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>Implying her being a horny slut is a bad thing

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Aquafags have no saying in anything anymore.

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Her black full bodysuit.

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I'm not saying it is. I like that side of her too, just that there is plenty of appeal beyond her incessant lust.

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Fair enough.

Hard to beat

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She's supposed to be muscular.

I actually thought about this, she's not that fat in her office lady outfit back at the mansion. What if followers of Eris are just packed on with water weight when visiting a town under the protection of the benevolent goddess Aqua-sama as a signal to avoid them?

Holy shit Darkness, just admit you've put on a few pounds, it's not the end of the world.

nice shop

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>this is what A1 thinks a human female looks like

aqua fresh

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>Muscle Darkness

I know, they're usually much fatter.

>What's the appeal?

>Plump (but not fat)
>A true sub
>big saggy tits
>Falls into the group tank role
>Wears a black body suit equipped with boob pockets or a dress which should leave her areola showing.
>She's not Aqua

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>Not ripped
She's basically almost perfect

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Tanya shouldn't even be on the list

His design was deliberately made to be as uncute as possible since the author's editor forced him to make Tanya a little girl

But Tanya is very cute

>least popular among the kazumas
>beats the main heroine of another series
Why is Emilia so bad?

Soft yet hard

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Her body might not be that hard, but a specific part of my body is.

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Best editor. Author should be out up there with infinite stratos' creator in butthurt list.

She needs a six pack obviously.

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>Rich and Loaded as fuck
>Has all your kinks
>Life with her is always interesting
>Fucking powerhouse

There you are

She's literally perfect. Darkness is made for love.