Post hfw you take off your pants

Post hfw you take off your pants

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What the fuck is her problem? Fucking bitch

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She is a goddess trust me she saw bigger

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You can just tell that the Yas Forumsnon who made that post has a small peepee. So much seething over an innocuous facial expression.

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>(a fucking woman)
never fails to make me laugh

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Am I going crazy or did we used to have these "her face when she sees your penis" threads everyday a few years ago?

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It's funnier if you imagine the guy writing it to be some 'nam veteran boomer

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you're going crazy

A goddess loves all peepees but not his because it's neet trash

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Kurisu simply cannot be this lewd!

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Why does she even care? She can't get pregnant because she turns sperm to water, and what's the point of a penis beyond procreation?

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Felling funny and have a good time.

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Redditors are lame like that

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But the feeling of getting impregnated is the best feeling