>Avoid drawing anyone's panties for almost the entire manga
>Suddenly have two pantyshots this arc alone
What did Tsutsui mean by this?

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I love Rizu
>What did Tsutsui mean by this?
Maybe that's why he hired a new assistant

I love Rizu's pits
I love Sawako's pits

third for mafuyu

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Mafuyu is overrated

Bros... axe when?

I love Rizu's rizus

>manga is naturally ending

Rizuchads... why is he not picking the one who fed him udon... could it be that our girl is just a dumb squirrel...

your mum is overrated

these are basically bonus chapters
and I can't believe Tsutsui convinced the editorial department to make more

I love pantyshots

This manga needs more

Have sensei change into panties with camisole top after cleaning and then try to pass it off as new normal. Much more likely doujin than actual plot though.

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I thought he capitulated because some gaijin fan on twitter threatened to commit suicide if their girl lost.

So does the Rizu route just come with Sawako included?

Don't even joke like this, faggot.
I feel disgusted just thinking what would happen if that autist moved to these threads.

Yeah, and convinced all the editors to allow him to publish 4 more volumes in WSJ because of some guy on twitter.

It was all a long con user

All manga needs more pantyshots

Can we please just get on with the next route?
This current one's starting to get boring, even Sawako can barely prop it up now.

Seething foomer

Dont be a retard user.

Technically it's only one panty shot because the girl is wearing spats and tights

Fumino's route is going to be even more boring than Rizu's, right?

I doubt it, Rizu has always been the most boring bokuben.

But I'm a Mafuyufag.

i love rizu but i hate this route

you're late user fed him udon/

Fumino at least can build some rapport with Nariyuki
I feel that Tsutsui will use her route to salvage/redeem the mess of a character he made out of her in the story.
Regardless of the end result, the entertainment value will be there

i love this route but i hate rizu

Fumi here, want rizu's route to be 2 volumes at least

i hate both this route and rizu