Precure threads will never again reach 500 replies

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there's not much to talk about now that there's no episodes for a while

What is everyone watching now? Still going though Y5 here, although a bit slowly because I keep doing other shit.

Go Princess. It's been fun so far.

Why are you newfags so obnoxious. Give it a rest.

watching FW, but im doing other shit at the moment so I have not watched an episode in a while.

Such a high concentration of them in these threads.

>You were born in time to watch the demise of Precure

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Remake this garbage thread


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I just realized the swimsuits episode might end up being cut.

Onsen episode with modesty swimsuits.

At least the threads are in better health than when Kira Kira was airing. I remember some of them dying on the same day it was opened. Only on premiered day where they robust with talking.

Definitely not with that OP.

But with the Precure thread, maybe it will

Maho was worse.

Ashita no Nadja

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I really, really, really should sit and go through this. Was going to do it after Doremi, but then I went all in on Precure.

I afraid they're going to cut a lot of good stuff. Good things especially. I mean Hinata's existential crisis is going to be resolved in some quick and stupid way for example.

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Bring back the wetsuits!

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It's real good, so far.

Sakura, Sailor Moon and all of that.

That episode was just about finished, I doubt they would go back and change it.


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I've expected that it will be some sort of Hinata's theme for entire season. And how she manage to accept her own personality flaws and all of that.

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I don't think changes to things like that will happen. I think the basic plot and the characters will stay the same.

So will she be Hinata onichan girlfriend by the end of Heallin?

I afraid that there's won't be enough episodes to fit everything. They might keep main story but cut everything else. As far as I know they declared state of emergency last week and you need at least 2 months for things to go back to some sort of normal. Which means no new episodes for 2 months in best case.

we had real swimsuits in kira

Maybe cool it with the generals, don't be as autistic as the other kids anime threads (including all the jump threads.)