Vinland Saga Chapter 171

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What killed the hype?

MC become too much of a pacifist to the point it was just boring to read

Thorfinn became a pussy pacifist and the whole series is becoming some leftist shit with the faggot child tranny man they just introduced.

I stopped after Sugrid's arc it seems nothing important happened after

Not much to say about this chapter.

Thorfinn should have married Hild.

Baltic namek and skipping over actual Merchant Saga for this shit.

>HuR dUr HuR wHy IsNt ThE Mc KiLliNg PpL nO MoArS?

This arc is weeding out the incels and ragefags and I'm loving every chapter of it. It's fascinating to read, I appreciate this arc just as much as any other. It's totally in line with Thorfinn's character development and has been alluded to since the very beginning.
How satisfying it is to read incels like you post in every Vinland thread about how the series sucks now because of the lack of violence.

>buzzword buzzword
How pathetic. It's almost as if I'm on Yas Forums.

It turned into shit the moment it became a christcuck fanwank.

>seethe harder

No it's not. That user is probably a retarded shounenfag but this arc isn't good. Thorfinn being a pacifist is fine but there isn't any conflict in the story. There needs to be something happening to challenge his ideas. It'll probably happen soon but nothing happened in this arc so far both story and character wise, and it's clearly just a setup for the next arc

1) Baltic war that lasted forever and sucked for multiple reasons
2) Skipping Constantinople, the one thing everyone was looking forward to after the Baltic war
3) In skipping Constantinople, also skipping important character development. Gudrid's romance with Thorfinn has been entirely skipped over, and Hild has been stuck in a two year long stasis of edgy watching.
4)Transposing modern morals onto the viking age so now the MC just spouts anachronistically modern viewpoints that everyone accepts completely.
5)There is almost no conflict right now. Thorfinn can just talk anyone into agreeing with him in one chapter.

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He remained a manlet

>Transposing modern morals onto the viking age so now the MC just spouts anachronistically modern viewpoints that everyone accepts completely.
This is so fucking prevalent in today’s times and affords retards a fake moral superiority to their ancestors

it completely changed from a battle seinen about a revenge crazed murderhobo to an adventure manga about a pacifist

The writing killed it.
The whole pacifist thing never really developed into something interest or a proper character development, instead it turned into some infantile shounen like plot point. Hilde remained as a jadded cunt making the already weak story just boring to read and the author ignoring the greek trip was the last nail to the coffin.
This shit about the tranny viking just seems pointless to me but by far the smallest issue compared to the rest.

I can't believe they skipped Grikland

Worse than Naruto at this point, to be honest

I don't read any of the shounen that's on this site 24/7. I don't understand why you stupid niggers are so fucking mad all the time when someone has an opinion you don't share. Go fuck yourself nigger
You too, literally just buzzword: the post. Nu-Yas Forums is such a joke

merchant saga wouldve been amazing

Is Yumi Hara in this? Is it worth watching?


It’s overly preachy poorly written garbage. It started off with an incredibly good story arch and devolved into, “wahhh killing is bad!!!” While shoving the most cardboard cutout anime characters In your face. Fuck off

The only thing that can save the series at this point is a fucking massacre by the indians since Thorfinn refused to bring weapons.

>50 some chapter monthly viking epic
>suddenly out of nowhere
>everything your read up until now was just a prologue

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And then Canute succeeds Thorfinn as the mc.

if only