One Piece

Meanwhile in Onigashima...

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one of the best island designs

I really hop oda goes full dark piece and the entire samurai force dies

Yonko tier

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Is she related to Robin?

It's like night and day

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Apoo really seems to be in his element with these guys
My bet is he spends half his time fucking around with kaido's son

how dare you fuckers act like you're hot shit when HxH has better characters,story and pacing than all of One dare you act like you're hot shit after losing to a generic nu bleach tier shonen like Demon Slayer. Oda's pacing has become as bad as the anime's, Oda's characters can all be desicribed in one word, tand the plot is happening in the background while we're just waiting for the next bullshit excuse Oda has to let Luffy win over two emperor characters because one is a drunk with rage issues and the other is a fat bitch with autism. Not exactly a fair fight when both are just unga bunga fools and tard old fuckers

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I have a mighty thirst for more

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>So it'll become a race against time for the main forces to reach them to provide backup?
Hopefully something like that, if Oda wants to compare this to MF this better be damn frustrating for the alliance.
> Perhaps we'll get scenes of the Scabbards being crushed projected by den-den mushi to try and fuck with the main forces moral.
This is also very possible, communication has been a recurrent topic while fighting the yonko so I bet the alliance will only listen to the denden radio screams but won’t know about what is happening to their allies.

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Good one!

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Those horns look more real than others

>two more weeks until Oda hides the numbers and Kaidos family again

Queen is great


Next chapter will be numbers reveal and a silhouette of kaido's son
Chapter after that will be son reveal


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Kaido has a whole family not just a son.

why do you keep him in an energy cage?

>imagine fagging for carrot when this epic bunny is out there

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absolutly based, as expected from a FUNKbro

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Say something nice to kaido's son

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>Kaido of 100 beasts
>Kuro of 1000 plans
not bad

Islam is the final red pill

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He honestly had such a cool fucking design

Explain to me how he got stronger after eating a Smile

Is Eustass Kid a villain?

It’s the only thing keeping us safe

he's a bunny now

Who is stronger, Gear 666: Monkey Demon God Bouncehouse Awakening Luffy or Seimei Kikan Monster Point Queen?

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Imagine getting squished between her tits

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No, a friendly rival.

I can't wait for doujin's of kaido whoring the female flying six out to orochi and his squad

would you punch a bunny?


imagine being stuffed in her armpits while she sweats

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Well Kaido got taste even if he´s the worst Yonko

Y'all perverted coomers are talking about large futa/trap dicks and lusting for a literal rodent, meanwhile I'm looking at sfw tan line images feeling nice and warm inside.

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Based fuck carrot

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So far who is user favorite new character and design? I will start it off with the GOAT Senor pink!

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Stop, don't make me harder

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Shame that for a manga like One Piece, there are no canon characters with tanlines.

Explain to me how anyone gets stronger from a SMILE? Why would you want that when you could have a based food fruit that basically has no rules and you can do fucking anything with it?

Big Mom had the right idea. Fuck zoan shits.

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So which team is Shinobu a part of? Is she in one of the second degree decoy forces or or the scabbard team? I didn't see her anywhere in the chapter. By the way, the fact that the two most developed scabbards (who are also Oden's first two followers) are missing from the scabbard team, makes it seem somewhat weightless. I mean, we all knew they were going to lose, but still.

I know right? There's not much fanart either... SFW even less

That pic is missing some cuties

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w-what the fuck, I-I'm hard?...

I think Kaido is just legitimately insane and doesn't care that SMILES are impractical.

>that fucking "chicken or the egg?" fruit

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we will never know

This. Most smiles seem to be more of a handicap than the opposite.

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Somebody made this

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Kid's fight.

>Heat fruit? Genie fruit? Biscuit fruit? Naw, dawg. Order some more of THESE from based Ceaser.

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SMILE's are mass produced. He can throw them at grunts for a power boost. Maybe they'll jump up in the ranks. Maybe they'll be worthless. It's a low stakes gamble for him.

Queen does it again. God, he's the best part of the Beast Pirates besides Meme Jack and Kaido.

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Hope the rest of Onigshima look as cool cause the place looks lit

Make him dance on Oden's grave.

>all this Queen samefaggotry

I knew it was just one guy. No one would like such a boring, one-note character. Shit design, shit personality, Queen is trash-tier.

How did based Caesar get away with scamming not one but two of the Yonko?

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I suspect Gifters have a similar suicide rate to certain other IRL demographic for similar reasons.

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Seething huntercuck

Only one out of 10 SMILE's actually works. So one out of ten guys gets a deformity and the other nine lose all their emotions and are condemned to a living hell of eternal laughter. And Kaido's army isn't that big to begin with. Big Mom's army and fleet are bigger than his by a factor of 10.

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