Can we finally settle this dispute before season 3 airs?

Season 1 was the perfect adaptation, its character design has perfectly understood the Ponkan 8's art, and animation actually grasps the atmosphere of the original novels.

Season 2 had nothing going for it, why do people prefer it over season 1?

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Season 1 looks ugly and inconsistent. Season 2 looks good. It also focus on the characters more. Not hard to understand 2bh

Season 1 was and still is a butchered adaptation. To the point people couldn’t understand why Hachiman’s actions were in the wrong. Unlike season 2 which explained it well.

season 1 was garbage, season 2 was slightly less garbage but still garbage

Season 1 had romantic moments as well as Comedy. Season 2 doesn't have those.

Yukino was the most beautiful woman in school in season 1. Season 2 she’s just generic beauty.

they all look the same you autistic fuck

I prefer season 1 but i like both. Season 2 brought in best girl though.

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>bring in guy that was key animator from NGE and a character designer from Raildex
>he makes Oregairu look like a generic JC staff show

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Iroha is shit though.

s1 art isn't as good, and Hachiman has green hair. The animation is better in s2, the characters come alive, there's less comedy but the drama improves. s2 just feels a bit more focused than s1. it's been while since i watched though, i can remember s2 more than s1.

Well that's just your opinion man

>director from season 1 removes cat & dog, Pan-san story from mall date, 8man agonizing over the car accident from volume 5 and his bike ride during the typhoon in volume 6 and removes Yukino trying to stop Sagami from spreading rumors
Director was a Yuifag
>director from season 2 cuts even more yuki8man scenes and makes Iroha look good in OVA and made her look like she saved Christmas Event
No wonder secondaries have a hate boner for Yukino. You choose a low tier studio like brain base/feel to animate your light novel and they can't even bother to dedicate things for her. Most of all, no wonder people call Oregairu shit. It could have been so much better.

Should i read the light novels? Where should i go to read them?

You should buy them from amazon, support the author.

>extended the infirmary scene
>that max coffee endcard
>showing yukino when the opening song gets to the genuine part
s2 staff was full of yukinofags. it just so happened that s2 didn't have that many yukino moments

One actual scene that was still for a few seconds doesn't change the fact that many scenes of hers was omitted deliberately to make Iroha and Yui to look good.

>many scenes of hers was omitted deliberately

Iroha best girl

Read the Light Novel. Yukino had a bunch of scenes omitted during the Christmas event, the chocolate making event and the Hayato rumor arc. Plus many YukiHachi scenes in volume 7-8 were more dramatic in the light novel compared to the anime. This isn't up for debate.

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>caring about anyone in who worked in NGE who is not anno.

What it's said she's 8man counterpart ? She doesn't seems to be something like cynical and sociophobic.
Maybe hypocritical but like every women.

They're not even remotely similar

Worst girl.

What would Yukino do if 8man told her he wanted to break up? yukino is good at taking jokes so I think she wouldn't punish him too much.

yukino really became a doormat for 8man in the later volumes

This is volume 9, so it's the mid point in the series.

yukinoshitter is mediocre


Why did Yukino become so subservient to 8man?

thirst for dick

>kind of similar
>8man is more than willing to throw his pride and standing aside for a loner like her
>8man is able to do things she can't
>he has stronger mental fortitude while she was only able to make projections of strength
>able to change and impress so many people
>is really good with kids and dealing with her family

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Bros, I hate WW. He didn't follow my fanficiton where Yukimom was evil and Yukino and 8man use the power of genuine to beat her.