I miss him bros

I miss him bros....

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Do people really act like he did in real life?????

Bros, how can I be like Yugami?

anime when?

Yes but unlike in the manga, real people understand it as autism

Was he a schizo or an autist?

best side character coming through. the early reveal showing he's not the guy Yugami is pissed off at is one of the funniest moments in any manga I've read. I haven't seen few series with this type of humor, not sure what that would even be called

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Develop autism.

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Stop having friends
Stop caring about having friends
Stop caring about people in general

Why not?

>the early reveal showing he's not the guy Yugami is pissed off at is one of the funniest moments in any manga I've read

I suppose it's just a lack of "people start screaming at each other" type humor, and the subtle reactions to Yugami's autism everyone has

Clearly neither.

Manga ended.

Be like Larry David and then refuse to go along with all social conventions without exception.

He was truly a wise man.

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The end was great but I still want more of his infinite autism, it feels somewhat relatable.

Will there ever be another girl as good girl?

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It's literally Asperger's.

No she's the true goddess

is the manga actually good?

It's comfy if you like school manga.

I still don't get rakugo. I mean I GET IT, Im not retarded but it always seems like a lot of work for a pun or an anecdote.

Do they get together at the end?

What's happening in this image

Yes, but also no.

Kind of?
They started going to rakugo shows together and he wants hangout and spend time with her, but not as friends.

He doesn't, he's a man that doesn't need friends.

Chihiro is being cute

You'd think baseball clubs is filled with nogf incels after reading this manga

>best side character coming through
That's not Rio

Yes. It does the loner MC right.

I'm pretty sure the mangaka outright forgot about using Rio for a while, she didn't show up for a really long time in the middle of the series.

Yugami-kun is what every user should aspire to be
>has his goals laid out
>practical and pragmatic
>indifferent to public opinion of him or his hobbies
>does everything in good faith, but never indulges in pointless altruism
>stands up against authority when inconvenienced in any way
>makes normalfags seethe just by existing
Truly, the perfect role model

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