Yas Forums sings - Bakemonogatari OP1 (Staple Stable)

June deadline. Plenty of time to kick and scream.

[email protected]

Here's the zip for the lyrics, song, and instrumental if you need it

Remember that I only need your voice and voice alone.
No instrumentals in the bg, please.
Try and minimize other sounds if possible.
If you plan on using an instrument, please also send a vocal track too.

>Yas Forumsss 3?
This is part of Collective Yas Forumsss 3, yes.
Details next post.

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Collective Yas Forumsss Volume 3 txt ver 1.65

Songs finished
>Yas Forums sings - Kyouran Hey Kids
>Yas Forums sings - Catch You Catch Me

Songs due soon:
Other than Bitter step, I have no other deadline FOR NOW.

>More One Night (Girls' Last Tour ED)
>Ringo Mogire Beam (Zan SZS OP)
Are NO LONGER accepting submissions, deadline has been reached and we got some hefty amount of submissions.
(About 30 or more for each, in case you're curious)
Mixers plan to release some time next month or so?
They're at least ready to mix and are underway, please be patient.

>any Yas Forums sings NOT related to Yas Forumsss 3?
Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure)
Haru wa Yuku (Heaven's Feel Part 3)

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>Yas Forums sings - Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure)

Here's a video I recommend using since it will help with the timing to actually see when each lyric starts.

That said, here is are music and lyric files

here's the email
[email protected]

Honestly not sure about a deadline this time because I started putting this off for a while now. Just do what you can.

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>Yas Forums sings - Haru wa Yuku (Heaven's Feel Part 3)

Sakurachads, Rinfags, Saberfags, Illyafags, yes, even you Shinjifag, you HAVE to contribute to this Yas Forums sings!
You have been spectators of more than 15 years of Fate/Stay Night to reach this climax, so you gotta do your best and participate, wether be it singing, drawing or posting your favorite memes!
This is not just any Yas Forumssings, it's a celebration for all of us Fatefags, wether you love Sakura or not, everything relevant that will be sent will be used!
Think about it, this may be the last original VN adaptation, so let's make something unforgettable, anons!


You can find the lyrics there: miraikyun.com/haru-wa-yuku-aimer-lyrics/
Send everything by mail at [email protected]

You have until the 3rd movie airs to participate, so don't be shy, take the time you need, but we need (YOU), to make this cherry blossom dream come true!

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I can't sing.

There are no standards other than an okay mic.
If you insist, you can try a shitposty-voice or something or use an instrument.
As long as you're willing I'd like as many Yas Forumsnons to join in!

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Is it brushing time already?

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Just finished reading Nekomonogatari White. So far feels like the longest novel but there was loads of great Hanekawa development. What's the longest novel in the series so far?

Probably the shinobu arc where they timetravel to meet older Hachikuji, either that or Kizu for me.

I'm going to start reading Kabukimonogatari tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Kizu definitely felt long.

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>not the ED

Not the one who voted, but it was Yas Forums's decision back in 2019.

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And on top of that, they chose the worst opening of them all. What a shame.

>worst opening


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So if anyone was wondering about the Ut/a/u Kuso thing, the first 10 UK made will be added as a Disc 2 of sorts to Collective Yas Forumsss 3.
But it doesn't I'm gonna stop making compilations, feel free to keep sending and dropping your anime covers in the thread.
Format will probably change to "Ut/a/u Kuso - date/subtitle here" for future releases.
UK10 Zip will probably be up by tonight if anyone is interested in that too.

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