Dragon Ball Super

Your emperor, Frieza, has arrived.

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Goku deserves to fuck a moe girl

Frieza needs to get his ass pounded by Jiren.

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Freeza defeated Jiren.

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PROSTRATEza is a garbage character.

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It's amazing that even when BITCHgeta has Freeza exhausted and in base form at his feet, the lizard STILL kills his jobber ass. WOW.

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>Greatest Kai
>Greatest GoD

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Reminder that Puar is a MAN and if you want to fuck him, even his shapeshifted form, you are GAY.

You're already gay for liking Dragon Ball.

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>You're [projection]

H-Heroes doesn't look that bad guys.... the "story" is still beyond shit though.

The mortals of their universes are stronger than both SHITren and BITCHly.

Hot Take: Left>Right

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Good concepts but they can’t live up to any of their potential.

Tell that to both Yamcha and Roshi.

Frieza is the cutest girl.

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The height of heroism.

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>I swear guys Dragon Ball isn't gay.
I win.

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>[homosexual headcanon]

Enter La Familia de Jiren.

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It’s amazing that even when BITCHmasu has Goku and Vegeta exhausted and in their base form his Serious Super Saiyan Rose Grade 3 punch doesn’t instantly kill their ass. He’s so weakened and both physically and mentally degraded by Vegito’s he died to Trunks and 12 other human’s energy. WOW

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>mangaku can fight an angel at full power
>animeku can't even fight holding back Beerus

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Enter MOECHADren

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>non-canon manga making dumb shit up
what else is new, manuel.

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Enter CIAren.

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Entra el su ser, pero un transgénero completamente transformado que además el folla incestuosamente por el culo.

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I know I shouldn't but who cares, I will give you a (You)
I mean, the last time you had something was... two years ago? You should be starving

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uhh, you don't get to bring dead memes

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Enter La Madre de Jiren.

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>Anime Goku is Multiversal by Xeno characters.
>Anime was always stronger than the manga because of the faster power scaling caused from thing like kaioken times 20.
>Manga (Broly) Gogeta can’t one shot someone maybe stronger than Beerus.
>Anime (End of SDBH) Gogeta is stated stronger than the Omni-King.
Sit the fuck down!

Enter Jiren Prime Un Millon.

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Enter Jiren the gay

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You should make an unknown Jiren edit.

>DC reference when we have this in the franchise.
Perfect/Ultimate Jiren.

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Is Frieza a girl?
I'm so confused.

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>2s later

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We're getting SSJ3 Vegeta during his fight with Moro and it will be GLORIUS