If Yui was to take an IQ test, what would the results be?

If Yui was to take an IQ test, what would the results be?

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Given that she's shown as being fairly good at music, she'd do well

How much prep time does she have?


IQ tests are a meme. If I was to take math oriented IQ test I'd probably score super low, yet I speak 3 languages and do better in life and finances than most of my peers.

I wanted to say "potato", but lets be honest here, it's probably ケイキ

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She wouldn't be able to write her name.

it'd be high. Yep, definitely high. Very high IQ.

>"it's strange doctor, the results just say 'cute', it doesn't make sense"

Wonderful bait

Her age


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these digits

She is actually very smart of she tries, like that time she scored a 100

Yes she is an autistic savant, she'd score 160ish probably (and her sister would score even higher).

genius and retardation are not antonyms

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below 70

Above average.

Both of these.

In the latter episodes of the second season, she starts coming off as less of a retard, and more of a deliberate troll.






I don't remember there being a lot mathematics related problems when I got tested as a child, it was mostly just a bunch of shape puzzles.


That's not fair, Kramer was distracting her.