After all the mangaka died of covid-19...

After all the mangaka died of covid-19, an autistic imageboard is asked to revive the industry with a "super interesting" masterpiece. Will our autistic heroes be up to the task?
Let's start with our MC

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I want a non pussy mc please

Make it a girl with two long ponytails, pink hair of course, so you know she's the MC, and she can spin the ponytails around really quickly in order to fly like a helicopter.

this better be good

heres ur MC bro

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He should be a gifted martial artist on a quest to find the man that killed his father using martial arts.And solves all his problems with martial arts.

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I think there’s already a retarded isekai about a girl with hair that can turn into a drill.

Based desudesu.

Did I mention his father's killer knows martial arts?


MC fights monsters. MC’s mother died in an incident related to those monsters in one way or another.

MC is a 30 something office drone who used to be in a gang(maybe Yakuza) and feels dissatisfied at his current life.

every time the suicidal MC shoots himself he survives but somebody else dies near him
he uses this to become a super villain

Alright buckos agree on something by way of (You) tallies. My offering to capitalize on current meme trends is Otome sci fi protagonist hits warp drive, falls into black hole and ends up in isekai land except it’s only furries.

how about a flat hotblooded tomboy MC?

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I think we could combine these two
Or even, all of these as well:

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where is the obligatory delinquent side character?

Be honest Yas Forums, you would read this.

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rival of mc, but doesn't have a motorcycle license, so he uses a bike instead


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hecking cute

you're thinking of the game drill dozer.

that's my wife

How the fuck did you make it this fast?


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the mc is literally just playboi carti who transforms into an overpowered big-boobed female mecha

And he also wears all the nerdy "athletic" biking gear. His gang stirs up trouble by clogging traffic during rush hour.



No, there’s a series where some female adventurer lies about how great of an adventurer she is, but then she ends up in an actual dungeon and uses her hair for drill attacks.

What about the setting? I vote for highschool in a post apocalyptic world, with class held in a crumbled classroom, most classmates being mutated in some way, like our cute MC.

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Dare I say... Kino?

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Shouldn't she transform already.
And have a bigger ass.

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>implying Yotsuba won't be forever young

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