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Since the beginning of "War arc" many people think that Shigaraky will wake up and destroy all heroes in Thanos style. But many of you forgot about old "Stargazer" from 244 chapter. And I believe that this old man has the ability to see future through symbols. So today I am going to solve this "prophecy" and wanna hear your opinion about that! Let's start!

At the end of 243 chapter Stargazer appears and tells "I obtained revelation from heavens, the smile of Hades(Dark lord in viz) shines wryly on thee". So I assume that Hades(Dark Lord) is definitely AFO. He is the one who thinks about himself as Dark Lord and "Hades" characterization are suitable for him. Also, AFO behaves like he knows everything that's going on. And especially in 269 chapter it seems like he is looking upon all this raid and smiles. He always smiles like Hades from the old man's prophecy.

Second and most crazy words of "old man". "Evil stars are conspiring"... "This Earth shall be consumed by darkness"

Many of us, and I was one of these people, think that "Evil Stars" meant to be Shigaraki and his army. But my friend noticed that stars in mythology are a symbol of high status, kings, rulers.

Also, she pointed out one little detail...Symbol of Hero Commission. It is a rhombus. rhombus can be drawn like a Star.

We know that Hero Commission hides dark secrets. Especially about Hawks and etc. But Stargazer continues " Go forth Servant of Hades"

So, "Stargazer" assumed that "Evil Stars are hiding and they serve Hades or Dark Lord" interesting. They know that in the past AFO has so much power that it was impossible for Gran Torino to hide All might. Could it be that All might did not defeat all of Afos servants and some of them still alive?

The last thing, Stargazer tried to attack Endeavour because "He will be the one who brings darkness". His "fire will bring darkness and destruction"

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He raped his wife

Why was the last thread nuked

I miss Deku

>Endeavor: "I promise I'll be a hero you can look up to, son."
Says the man who forced his own wife into a relationship with him just so he could force himself upon her to give birth to a child that holds incredible power, and basically traumatize his family for life by being an insufferable douche since he came up with this charade of his.

What is this complete 180 bullshit that they're writing him on? They spent a whole arc telling us what a bastard he is and now suddenly they want us to think of him as a good guy all of the sudden? If this overarching story doesn't end with Shoto beating his dad within an inch of his life, then this whole story will be a huge waste of time.

Now I think that not Shigaraki, not Nomu will end Hero society. But Endeavours "Light" his "Fire"-Dabi. he might frame endeavor or do something to cause endeavor questioning his rule as a hero

>Stargazer tried to attack Endeavour
His literal words were that his light is hiding the darkness. May be a reference to the fact that Endeavor is the shining light that hides the darkness of the government (discrimination, corruption, restrictions, general rottenness that creates villains out of unwanted people), rather than a weaker and already seen "he was an asshole, now people won't trust him and, by reflection, the other heroes"

>Hero Commission
they do have some corrupt system

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if hori takes this road we might have vigilant enji which will be fucking kino but, it's a long shot. I do agree that shiggy is not the final boss though

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Why was the last thread deleted?

Once Dabi exposes Endeavor, the man's entire reputation will be tarnished in the public eye. He won't be the #1 Hero anymore, his approval rating will drop. This is a fact. Dabi being Toya all burnt up makes it double.

isn't he some kind of death god in some Greek myth

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Based best girl!

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Not enough Bakugo and MirioxEri posting to appease the mods.

Koichi is officially cooler than Deku.

What could Dabi say that could destroy Endeavor's image? From what we know, Endeavor was just a bit physical on the discipline side. Occassionally slapping his kids and being strict about them not slacking off.

Dabi dying was accidental and something that happened far away from Endeavor. It is only implied it happened because Endeavor pushed him too far.

Even if Endeavor just comes out and says, "Yes, Touya. I slapped you too many times. Sorry. Also, I shouldn't have asked you to be a hero when you were so weak." How would it lead to social collapse?

Also, what bad things about the Hero Commission could be exposed? Unless they actually had Best Jeanist killed, instead of sending a double/clone, they actually haven't done anything bad.

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We can't write about the Miriofag.

I hope she gets plenty of carrots after this.

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Dabi's a little shit, who's done much worse thing than Endeavor. I hope Endeavor smokes that little turd.

And in what way that would be remotely interesting? We already had the "people not trusting Endeavor" theme and it wouldn't create any kind of conflict with the main characters. Why waste pages on such a stale storyline for a tertiary character?

The other thread was deleted, so I repeat: I love you, user

fuck off from these threads if you like any of these characters


What will happen next chapter ?

What has he done besides getting cucked?

Shiggy Liberado?

I love you too, have some more buddy

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>How would it lead to social collapse?
Because he's supposed to be the replacement for All Might. That domestic knowledge won't have him be someone to look up to anymore, especially the kids.

He got tricked by Knuckle Duster

What if Hawks ironically caused the downfall of Hero society with Dabi they are both very close to Endevaor and they have done the most heinous shit, causing Endeavor to struggle so much emotionally that he decides to fuck off and blame himself for their extreme methods.

Ether Shigaraki wakes up and starts killing people or this becomes a must save Shigaraki arc with Toga and Giganto

that really seems to be it
didn't something similar happen last week?

I love all of them

I hope we see her able to take it in stride.

See her in the hospital with a smile and a big plate of carrots as she checks out a new robot arm figuring out which is the best for ass kicking, as well as tapping into her fashion hobbies to pretty it up with the purple cloth covering and generally being awesome.

At the same time, its impossible not to be hurt and even grieve over the loss of a limb and I just hope she's got someone she can reach out to for comfort and emotional support during her recovery.

And I wish I could somehow be that person.

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you just listed anything even remotely decent about bnha. what even is the point?

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Yamada seems to have tipped the fight on the side of the heroes, but Shitagaky is potentially either reviving or running away.

Dabi is Endeavor's mistake. Anyone that psycho burnt is in his hands because he was the cause of his son turning out like that.

That's the thing about Dabi. It doesn't matter if he's a worse person, Endeavor still played a role in that.



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what about dabi?



>what bad things about the Hero Commission could be exposed
>covering up AfO existence for god knows how long
>the actual origin of quirks
>raising child soldiers to puppet them after they become famous pro heroes
>muh hero license instead of an actual system that helps people with problematic quirks find their place in society

So Endeavor's going to clean up his failure of a son. Good. I expect most men to take out their own trash.

Dabi somehow manages to lose to Tokoyami, the heroes interrogate The Doctor, and a cliffhanger of Shiggy waking up.

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>covering up AfO existence for god knows how long
Because the fucker’s power will instantly make him influential. If I could exchange my shitty quirk for a much better quirk, I would do it in a heartbeat as a poor individual.

People say Shoto should be the one to take down Dabi, and while I agree that Shoto should fight him once again, the last encounter should be between Dabi an Endeavor to finally put everything to rest how ever it may go down.

you can't talk bad about jannies favourite

What did you say about me DEKUUU?

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no one likes dabi

Dabi will probably split, unless he doesn't care about what he told Hawks (likely his real name Toya Todoroki.).

please lord I'm begging you with every cell in my body that "Dabi ≠ toya" is true so ever fag who draw/sympathy/love him will have a mental break down and kill themselves