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Post high quality anime webms

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holy shit this is bad

what the fuck

This is almost as bad as that car chase

Even though that's a mistakenly aired unfinished episode i would watch it over GITS. Actually i would watch neither.

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How it that unfinished if it's colored and everything
sounds like damage control from the animation studio.

netflix ghost in the shell

The finished version actually aired on tv while funi streamed the the QUALITY version.

They sent Funimation the early rough version meant for dubbing, and Funi the idiots they are released that one instead of asking for the final version.
Japanese TV stations got the finished version.

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>netflix ghost in the shell
Are you meming or is that really what's happening here?



Oh man what a dumpster fire, the quality difference between this and the promo shots makes it look like an entirely different anime.


Anime is truly dead

Even the finished version looks like trash tho

>learn to read my lies XD

Imagine if it was made by people who actually can do good looking CG.

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It looks like a Final Fantasy movie but I know it's not Advent Children.
dose tiddies tho

>CG movie
>made by professional studio that makes CG for video games
Why crossboarders are so dumb?

webm not related, I assume?

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p sure it's Gantz

Thanks for spoonfeeding, retardo


I'm not a faggot who gives a shit about that kind of think, retardo

>imagine if they had to make 1/5 the amount of footage with an order of magnitude higher budget.

>crossboarder retard spoonfeeding other crossboarder retard
Yas Forums 2020

I came to Yas Forums from Yas Forums to look for the OP webm, so you are correct :^)


Wash your hands.

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>Draw distance

Oh man, I've really missed QUALITY threads like these.

webm also unrelated I assume.

So, how is this even anime-related? Was this abomination even produced in Japan?

No. But please, do seethe more.

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The only non-japs involved are the art-designer and netflix with the bags of money.

Thank you based trips, I was always wondering why does it get so dirty under my nails all the time.

What other anime have official hentai?

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I think it's some revival project for Oni. You know, one of the few other games made by Bungie that isn't Halo

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