Anime That Made You Cry

Just curious, what Anime have actually gotten you to cry? I’ll start...

1.) Made In Abyss: Nanachi says goodbye to Mitty
2.) Cowboy Bebop: Fay sees her younger self in a old VHS tape +Ed says goodbye
3.) Hunter x Hunter (2011): Komigi and Meruem play their last game of gungi
4.) FMA Brotherhood: The ending of FMA Brotherhood

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>1.) Made In Abyss: Nanachi says goodbye to Mitty
same. it's the only time for anime though. I (and my other relatives) take care of a disabled sibling, which it reminded me of. Also, a bit before watching MiA, my dad's uncle, when we visited him in hospital, asked me, hypothetically were he to ask for real, if i'd 'pull the plug'. i refused.

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I love my wife Nanachi!

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Last 2 episodes of Berserk 97
Faye's vhs
End Of Evangelion when komm susser tod started playing

Boku no Pico

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I’m not really much of a crier. This used to be pretty much a hard rule – basically nothing would move me to cry, regardless of how personal or how tragic. And I’m actually grateful for this – my favorite media is the stuff that makes me cry, and I wish I did it more often. It happens rarely enough that I can still easily say any show that makes me cry is among my favorite shows.

Well, Hunter x Hunter made me cry. God damn did it ever.

Beautiful violence as the attack begins. Shoot finding peace on the verge of death. Killua desperately running, with everything at stake. The poignant mirrored transformations of Gon and Meruem. Pouf may be the closest this arc comes to a “villain,” but even he is an endearing, poignant figure. Palm’s journey being pure righteous fury and catharsis. The confrontation of Meruem and Netero, as beautiful and artistic as media can be. What humankind can do, as tragic as it is symbolic, "the Poor Man's Rose". And of course, one final moment of peace: "Good night, Meruem".

Chimera Ant is sad and uplifting and personal and universal and basically everything at once, and when it was done, I curled up on the couch and cried like hell. You’re a cruel thing, Hunter x Hunter, but I love you dearly for it.

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You know, the only episode that has actually made me cry was that Angel Beats episode were MC friend told the devilish girl (that in life was incapacitated in bed), a tale of how he would have found her and loved her anyways. It is all a lie and somewhat cheesy, yet it gets me every fucking time

The only anime that made me cry was Erased, largely because I'm kind of a sucker for bittersweet endings and the whole "missing out on your entire adolescence" thing is obviously kind of a horrifying thought.

Literally(figuratively) me

Violet Evergarden ?

Musashi Gundou

when I watched Koe no Katachi for the second time (in a theater) i was completly fucking destroyed, the tears were just going down and i Couldn't stop them,
as someone who always had trouble comunicating with others I felt this movie was speaking just to me, i didn't even care that much about the bullying or the romance, just the MC failing to hear people and the oppression he felt while he was in social situations just destroyed me on the inside.

I tend to get very teary-eyed when watching anime, though I never full on cry nowadays since it's hard to get into a story without some distraction on my part, but let's see.
Almost every single episode of Galaxy Express 999 after Tetsuro and Maetel left Earth. It's just a very sad universe.
End of Evangelion, Komm Susser Tod sequence. When I was younger it invoked a lot of conflicting emotions in me.
Gunbuster's ending.
Kizumonogatari 3, the end of Araragi's fight with Kiss-Shot. It's just extremely pathetic and pitiable.
Gundam 0080. "Nothing but a pile of hamburger left."
Spirited Away, with that scene of Chihiro crying after eating a dumpling. Really gets that feeling of helplessness children, hell most people, feel after realizing they only really have themselves to rely on when facing the big scary world around them.
Several episodes of Mushishi.
Cowboy Bebop, that fight between Vicious and Spike in the church, and it's always during that part where Spike's falling down. When rewatching that in context of the entire show, you can really sense the regret and wasted life Spike has had in that scene.

I still hold a perfect record in this regard. Haibane Renmei almost had me but I was saved by the pause button.

1) Clannad AS: Nagisa's death.
2) Gurren Lagann: Kittan's death.
3) Haruhi Suzumiya: Kyon admits to himself that his time with Haruhi was fun.
4) Angel Beats: Hinata passes on (that high-five).
5) Made in Abyss: Mitty being put down.
6) fucking Naruto of all things: Rock Lee's backstory (particularly the part where he questions whether his hard work will actually pay off and he'll probably be a loser for his entire life).

>4) Angel Beats: Hinata passes on (that high-five).
Holy fucking cringe can you even look at yourself in the mirror after that ?

Love Live Season 2: Every chapter from Snow Halation onwards

Gungrave: Ending

Chrno Crusade: Ending

Initial D Fifth Stage: Ryosuke vs Hojo

Nagisa's death in Clannad...

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Holy based

Your lie in April. Kaori dying destroyed me, along with the letter at the end. Had to take a week off from watching anything else.

Also Kamina in Gurren Lagann. The fact that he never got to keep his promise to Yoko made it sting even more...

Your lie in April was the only show that actually made me cry like a little faggot bitch. I've been playing music for years and a few episodes in that show really got to me.

Many anime made me shed a few tears (Violet Evergarden and Hugh's death in both versions of FMA, to name a few), but Clannad is the one that had the most impact for me.

That show made me cry like there was no tomorrow when I was 11. I then rewatched it 3 years later, and I cried again. And I'm pretty sure that even now, at age 21, I would still cry like a little bitch if I were to rewatch it.

The Wind Rises

I got a good one for you.
Fate zero, when rider takes his final charge towards gilgamesh telling Waver to live on and be his retainer. Such genuine admiration, Rider acknowledging he won't accomplish his dream, but his true immortality will be through the loyalty of Waver, their mutual respect. Gets me every time man.

Cartridge Tears, become the White Whistle.
Fucking Prushka pouring out of the cartridge with everyone crying over her. It broke me, absolutely destroyed me way more than the scene with mitty did. Song from the scene. Kevin Penkin should be charged with murder for making a song this piercing.

trips of undeniable truth

Said it Robin!!

new chapter when?

One Piece
>Farewell to Merry, Arlong Park arc and "I WANT TO LIVE". Three different parts that made me fucking cry like an abandoned puppy.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
>I was 15 and just cried by just sheer overload of awesome
>Fuck you, seeing someone you always laugh with get THAT serious about someone possibly dying is fucking heart wrenching
>Meruem's death was the longest and hardest I ever cried as a grown ass man

>Railgun S1
Might be anime-only but to get a happy ending on the kids was so incredibly worth it.
I know it's kind of a staple on index to see "villain becomes hero" but to see her crying in disbelief at the end, after all the shit she went through was amazing.
The kids wishing her happy birthday through the blimp too. And I love the detail that she doesnt have bags under her eyes anymore.

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