Chapter is out

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Thank you, I came for this

Where the FUCK are the faggots calling me a delusional waifufag for doubting Quanxi's "death" now?

Nice OP pic

Started reading this yesterday and it's really good. It gives me Bleach vibes

Its not been a great arc so far desu

Master will be able to handle Denji + Quanxi, but Makima will bail them out.

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>It gives me Bleach vibes
what ?

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It's definitely my least favorite arc so far, it probably has like two chapters left thankfully.

Where’d it fucking go

>bleach bad, soft-seinen good

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I don't get it

Bleach was good at the start.

overall I like it but I'm getting a bit tired, I just want Master to die already so we can have some answers


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I still dont get the past 4 chapters. Starting here

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What's that with this tag?

I really, really liked Eel.

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Wave is gonna be daijoubu, r-right?

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I really dont see how the doll body design makes any sense whatsoever
I thought darkness has like people who contributed in his fighting abilities, like kakuzu in naruto? Not just random heads stacked on top of each other.

he dead

Isley... Is that you?

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Fujimoto was clearly heavily inspired by Bleach and the works of Kubo when it comes to CSM.

Maybe,its possible only the devil is fine and they will have to find another human body

i was kinda hoping that Power and Black Power would end up being BFFs.

I loved the fact Denji is worried about Power

The awkward censorship killed this chapter for me
I just get angry looking at it.

So her name should be spell as Guāngshǐ(光矢, lit."flash arrow") instead Quanxi now

Quanxi vs Kuroko
who wins?

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It felt a bit weird
>Hey is power ok?
>thanks a bunch for sending us to hell btw!


dont get cocky, you were just in the right place at the right time

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This is a really good OP image, bravo.


How long until Based Immortal Pasta Bro comes in to save the save the day?

I was hoping we would see the 2 dead brothers in hell
And Aldo kinda disappeared, but I guess Kishibe and Yoshida simply caught him

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congratulations, the diagnosis is in: its a retard.

>pasta bro appears to shoot Denji again at exact moment Master comes out of dark for a second
>misses Denji and shoots Master instead

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Remember when we thought it would be a full-fledged hell arc ?

Too early. We just got the taste of endgame

Aldo is now on Yoshida's rape dungeon

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Same here. If anything, it went by too fast. Darkness was a fucking great idea, but I don't care enough about this battle between Denji and Master.

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to be fair almost nothing went the way people expected it to go